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This will be a powerful class for strengthening your magnetic field while also working with pranayama to renew your nervous system. The final work in the class will clear the lymph glands in the upper chest and creating balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. We will work with the mantra "Hariang" which means "Shiva, Destroyer oof Evil" it is a powerful mantra which brings wealth and intuitive opportunity.
Laura Llacuna
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jun 30, 2020 at 03:15 pm EDT
Todos tenemos claro que es mejor respirar aire puro y comer productos ecologicos, pero y lo que nos ponemos en la piel? En este webinar hablaremos de como los toxicos y los disruptores endocrinos pueden afectar a tu salud y os presentar como los productos y suplementos frescos de ringana nos pueden ayudar.
Russ Terry
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jun 29, 2020 at 06:30 pm EDT
In this "Introduction to the Powers of Coaching" workshop, you'll assess your life in 18 areas and then go through exercises to come up with a plan to make changes in your area(s) of focus. It's inspirational, motivational AND tactical! You'll also put an accountability plan in place to make sure the words you speak in this workshop happen!
Cindy Bartz
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: Jun 29, 2020 at 04:45 pm EDT
Breathe, Move & Energize! 11 Classes are included in this series! Recorded LIVE Classes -- practice anywhere anytime! Ready to reduce stress and energize your body? All classes are designed to reduce stress using the breath with dynamic movements and poses to release tension and energize the body. Each class is different but equally energizing. We will begin with a traditional flow such as sun salutations and move into salutation variations and standing flows. Poses will combine strength, flexibility and balance. Classes will also include floor exercises and a final relaxing guided meditation. All levels of experience are welcome.
2020 The Summer of Transformation Welcome to the Summer Series of Yoga and Meditation and Transformation! Join me this week as we cool down and stretch out our bodies to prepare for deep transformation. I welcome you to my online Shala where you will be guided to love your body and relax your mind. See you on the mat! Om Shanti Shanti
Learn how to cleanse and reset the energy of your aura by taking a Pranic Healing bath. I'll share what Pranic Healing is and how you can create your own full body, feet or hand bath so that you cleanse negative energy out of your energy field and recharge your batteries. Zero knowledge of Healing Arts required-- I will tell you everything you need to know and get in order to give yourself a Pranic Healing bath in the comfort of your own home. All Learn it Live classes are recorded so don't worry if you miss class. You can also purchase the recording of this class at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you want.
Leigh will tune you in with the Adi Mantra, bowing to your highest wisdom, as she leads you through chakra clearing warm ups before jumping right into a meditation to conquer inner anger and burn it out. These times are very challenging on so many levels and we are responsible for maintaining our own health and wellness, both physically and mentally. These meditations and kriyas are designed for just that! Using a physical kriya we will naturally adjust the body and work with a meditation to surround yourself with protection. Using the power of sound current and your pranas we will invoke a projective and protective power.
Start saying no. Stop feeling frazzled. Live your healthiest life. Implementing healthy boundaries is as essential to your well-being as the food you eat. In this class, you will explore 5 essential tools for setting healthy boundaries -- boundaries that are essential to creating a better life than you ever imagined. You will learn how to: - Create healthy boundaries and great quality, fulfilled life with improved relationships - Regain confidence and self-esteem, making showing up easier - Overcome self-sabotage and experience more freedom - Live a healthier and more joy-filled life without feeling guilty or worried about letting others down
Join our community chat sessions, Mondays at 1:00 pm Central time. Bring your thoughts, experiences and questions as we support each other in the work to which we're being called.
Join me this week for 3 amazing classes for only $10. They are live but will be recorded. Balance your week with a yin, yoga nidra and a flow class with me. see you on the mat!
What are the best ways to boost your natural immunity to keep you healthy during these crazy coronavirus days? John will share immediately useful tips for healthy choices that you can make to maximize your immune system's ability to keep you healthy. You can't perform at your best in work and life if you don't feel well. What are the best foods to eat and supplements to take to maximize your body's immune system? What lifestyle choices are you making that hurt your immune system? What are the three main causes of all chronic illness and how can you balance them? This content-packed and fast-paced presentation will unveil natural health secrets that can help your body to heal itself. Don't miss this fun, engaging, and one of the most entertaining wellness sessions you will ever attend! Key Takeaways: - Discover the one simple change that will drastically improve your health! - Optimize your health around technology - Learn the best ways to boost your immune system to keep you healthy
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This is a class loaded with support of the chaos that we are all experiencing. Leigh will warm you up and work with Mantra to fight burn-out and then move into a vigorous set of exercises to build strength. The class will finish with a 9 minute meditation Commanding the Command Center of the Glandular System. We are in the great transition of the Age. Its turbulence will make the old ways of coping ineffective. This set finds the center of the hurricane, the calmness that gives clarity and confidence in the midst of chaos. Sat Nam!
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