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Fasting is about learning to control your mind and body in order to achieve holistic health. I have researched books, talked to doctors and several different individuals who have welcomed intermittent fasting into their lives (including myself) and it all leads to the conclusion that fasting is actually good for your physical, mental and spiritual health. In this class, I will be teaching you what fasting is all about (and what isn't), various easy techniques to implement fasting, types of fasting, who can and can't fast, what to do if you need to take medicine while fasting, what to do when you attend social events or travel, what you can do to help yourself succeed in fasting, and what to expect during the different phases of fasting. I will guide you to the entire process, so that you walk out of this class ready to fast. This class will include live Q&A. Fasting is not a fad, it's been around since ancient times and with the right knowledge and support system, it is an extremely effective, rewarding, healing and life-changing experience. In Part 1 I will be talking about: - What fasting is - Benefits of it - Who should and shouldn't fast In Part 2 I will be talking about: - How to prepare for fasting - Best practices - How to start fasting In part 3 I will be talking about: - Types of fasting protocols - How can you support your fasting windows - Common issues addressed while fasting All Learn it Live classes are recorded so don't worry if you miss class. You can also purchase the recording of this class at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you want.
This 45 minute class will play with bodyweight movements that both strengthen, stabilize, and create mobility throughout the body. You will feel more in touch with your body and how it moves. You will also feel a general overall sense of awareness and strength.
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Join us this Sunday, June 21st at 11:00am CDT to explore Disruption and Interruption through the lens of Loving Compassion. We will explore our ability to respond, rather than react, using Love as our compass and Compassion as our gateway to befriend these challenging times. Transformational Coach and Consultant, Jo Ann Wenner, MA-T, MS, will be sharing tools and guidance to support your navigation of the days ahead. If you are unable to join us Sunday, know this course will be recorded and ready for listening at your convenience.
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Take your chakra knowledge to the next level. Learn how to feel into someone else's chakras to analyze, clear, and balance them. We'll spend some time feeling into our own chakras first (in case you haven't taken my one of my other chakra classes). Once you have this basic knowledge, it'll be easier to feel into someone else's. Since this is an online class, you will be tapping into your intuition and psychic abilities to work with your other online classmates. Attendees will be placed in breakout rooms to practice. There is so much information stored in the chakra system. Tap into it to aid in your healing journey!
These wheels of energy correspond to massive nerve centers and major organs in the body. In this class, you will learn about the correlation of the seven chakras to our emotions, mind, physical, and spiritual body and how you can find balance when healing from certain conditions.
Beth Cornell
Health & Wellness > Mindfulness
Start: Jul 27, 2020 at 01:00 pm EDT
This class will feature a guided meditation. Every class has a different guide/meditation. Please feel free to join as you wish, everyone will benefit. We use the 3 Breath Meditation at the onset of the meditation (and throughout if you'd like). Build your intuitive guidance, discover your creativity and imagination, balance, and clear your subtle energy field.
John Ayo
Health & Wellness > Mental Health
Start: Jul 28, 2020 at 10:00 am EDT
What are some of the best ways to help you stay focused and balanced in your mental health? Having a healthy mind that can support you is very important during stressful times. In this session, John will share immediately useful tips to help you make healthy choices to support your mind. You will discover the best supplements to take and meditation practices to help you give your mind the tools it needs to stay balanced during external challenges. Key Takeaways: - Discover the best way to put your mind in a state of balance - Learn the best supplements you can take to support your brain - Optimize your sleep to give you the best opportunity for resilience
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Feeling low on energy no matter how many cups of coffee you drink or how many hours of sleep you get a night? Learn how simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can help instantly boost your mood and energy!
It's easy to get totally confused by overwhelming food labels, even for an educated and savvy shopper. Choosing the right items from the local market can be simply overwhelming! Learn how to read labels and discover what ingredients to avoid the next time you are grocery shopping, plus some meal prep ideas to help get you started.
Class #35 in a series of energy-centric classes with Jamie that you can take in any order! Receive the answers to these following questions and more: A. What are the four parts of the breath? B. Why learn the mechanics of breathing? C. What are three simple exercises for deep breathing? D. How do I do alternate nostril breathing? E. What is The Breath of Joy? Participants will be able to interact and ask questions through typing on the live chat thread. All virtual LiL classes are recorded so no need to be disappointed if you missed class! You can purchase the recording at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you need!
Breathe -- Move -- Heal! 10 Classes are included in this series! All classes will be recorded - practice anytime, anywhere! This class series is designed to reduce stress, increase your range of motion and flexibility. It is for all fitness levels. It is also ideal for those beginning to learn yoga as well as those with limited mobility. Tuesday - Restorative/Yin Yoga Friday - Gentle Yoga Restorative/Yin Yoga This class is designed to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing your flexibility. The postures are passive in nature and done on the floor (seated, lying on your back or stomach). Gentle Yoga This class includes gentle yoga poses that help increase flexibility and your range of motion. Poses will be done either sitting in a chair or on a mat, there will also be some standing poses.
Breathe, Move & Heal! Learn the 5-Element Qigong Sequence in this 10 class series to balance the body, mind & spirit! 10 Classes are included in this series! All classes will be recorded - watch, learn and practice anytime, anywhere! Come join us and learn Qigong. In this 10 class series we focus on learning the 5-Element Qigong Sequence. Each class includes breath techniques, mild stretches and learning the 5-Element Qigong Sequence. This sequence is incredible for balancing the body, mind and spirit.. This class is excellent for anyone recovering from illness, injury or surgery. It is also an excellent exercise for those looking to obtain optimal health. What is Qigong? It is an ancient Chinese practice that is easy to learn and practice. Some of the benefits of Qigong include reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, decreasing pain and lowering blood pressure. The practice involves slow movements with long, slow breaths. The breath techniques help to improve lung capacity over time and can reverse respiratory concerns.
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