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Are you ready to turn your negative feelings into your greatest allies? Our negative feelings, if not addressed properly, can cloud over our daily lives. In this presentation led by Pamela Biasca Losada you will learn several key components of the empowered language of our negative emotions. The emotional empowered approach will allow you to see emotions and feelings, such as anger and anxiety, under a new light. Learn how to use negative feelings in your favor to effectively navigate challenges with ease and improve your quality of life both personally and professionally.
Release the resentment and feel the liberation in your soul! Many of us agree that we are spiritual beings experiencing a human life. Resentment is part of being human. One of the downsides of holding onto resentment is the weight it puts upon our soul, not to mention what it does to the body. In this class/workshop, we'll bring conscious awareness to resentment to gain a deeper perspective of where the resentment stems from, how to recognize it in the body, and how to transmute the energy so we're not carrying it around. Drop the weight of resentment and feel the liberation. Releasing or transmuting it opens up more space for love and joy.
Peggy shares tried-and-true skills that interrupt destructive patterns that she has used effectively with her clients for years. The suggestions are culled from her best-selling book Escape From Anxiety and from her training in both western and eastern traditions. Learn to enter a place of peace and unlock a new reality.
Join Jamie Butler medium to learn and practice some fun energy exercises that help build a stronger connection to sensing energy! In this 30 minute, live session we will discuss: a. Palm to palm b. Hand to hand c. Stop and go ball d. Scanning energy This class will be recorded for all registered participants to watch again.
In this 30 minute, live class Jamie will discuss: a. How to identify blocked energy b. What is the message of blocked energy, can't it be good c. How to move blockages of energy d. How to build an energy web, release and rebuild energy e. How to be a good listener to energy and others to help move energy. Participants will be able to interact and ask questions through typing on the live chat thread. This class will be recorded and available for paid participants to watch over and over again.
Join me on a journey to a courageous life through the active, daily practice of loving compassion. Together, we'll explore the concept of compassion through several lenses: cultural, spiritual, bio-cognitive theory, and neuropsychology. Taking what we learn, we'll consider the following questions: * How to we learn compassion, and what does it look like? * Why is compassion a responsive exercise? * Why must compassion be a "practice"? Through this series, we'll cover self-compassion, compassion with others, and the exercise of compassionate response in difficult situations that present themselves in our lives. Each class will be part teaching and part interactive with coaching as time permits.
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Business professionals in caring professions must deal with ambiguity, stress from various "ports", and may over-deliver compassion on a daily basis. Our world can become chaotic, less structured, and seemingly out of control. It's very possible to develop compassion fatigue and even burnout. In this session participants will: 1) Explore the five circles of health 2) Identify signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout 3) Learn behavior modification techniques to self-soothe, "color-code" the chaos and practice self-compassion. I do a breath-coloring exercise with this session.
Peggy shares a powerful technique that takes you into deeper and subtler levels of mind-body integration. It is here where you can consciously let go of all that is no longer serving you. She has trained with world-renowned Yogi Master Shri Amritji (Amrit Desai) who has given her permission to share the transformational Quantum Breath Meditation. This training is accessible to both absolute beginners or veterans of meditation. It comes from the book Peggy published of Yogi Desai's teachings: Embodying the Power of the Zero Stress Zone.
Life is lovely. And sometimes not so much. Our heads can get cluttered with "stuff" and it can be difficult to auto-refresh. For many, refreshing our minds and creating a new start happens at the beginning of every calendar year. For others, it's a new start every morning, or even a reset during the day! However you find yourself in need of a reset or refresh, having quick tools to auto-refresh is vital to maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In this interactive session, participants will: Identify personal "clutter" that creates barriers to a clear vision Develop tools to manage the internal chatter and move forward Learn three "Ds" to quickly auto-fresh the mind and set goals for a new "you"
In unsettling times it's even more important to create self-care rituals. Learn the importance of sleep, movement, meditation and other easy self-care practices that can keep your body calm and your immunity strong.
This class will inspire you to explore many opportunities that can keep you healthier and happier. Peggy will cover a range of interesting, fun and challenging choices so that you may select what best fits with your lifestyle. There will certainly be something for everybody in this program!
Have you found yourself in a pattern of using food for comfort, stress relief, or as a way to reward yourself? Know that you are not alone and that you can learn how to empower yourself and cope. Emotional eating can lead a difficult cycle of stress, weight gain, and poor health. Fortunately, Health and Emotional Empowerment Coach, Pamela Biasca Losada is here to help with supportive and mindful ways to cope without using food. During this class, you will learn if you are an emotional eater, what causes emotional eating, as well as ways to slow down, acknowledge your emotions, and strengthen your connection with yourself.
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