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Module 1 of Herbal Philosophy begins your adventure into the philosophy associated with traditional herbal medicine practices. This module looks at the Eastern philosophies of Ayruveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We will be focusing on the tri-dosha theory and the five elements theory to give you a basic understanding that can then be applied to selecting herbs that will best suit you. This is a trimester 2 class of our Home Herbalist Study Program. For more information on this program please visit our web page at and join the Learn It Live Information Sessions for this program.
PROFITING FROM PODCASTS! The New Opportunity to Generate Massive Visibility & Virtually Endless Leads ... At NO Cost! The podcasting phenomenon is revolutionizing the way coaches, authors, speakers, experts and business owners everywhere connect with ideal prospects, cultivate a loyal, borderline fanatic following and sell their products, programs and services to customers all over the world. Learn how to put this incredibly powerful, yet greatly under-utilized, medium to work for you and your business ... and, how to land NO-COST appearances on the world's most popular shows. The Wellness Universe welcomes marketing guru, media expert and 25+ year entrepreneur, Steve Olsher. Steve is the founder of, featured guest on CNN, Fox Business, ABC, NBC,, The Huffington Post and more than 300 other media outlets. Steve's authenticity, transparency and willingness to teach makes him one of today's leading success coaches. It is a great honor to have him offering this free class at The Lounge. If you are seeking more exposure to increase your business, and want to learn how to turn visibility into revenue, this class is for you! Steve will also have several high-value bonus gifts for those who join us on the live session, including 2 tickets to his one-of-a-kind event, The New Media Summit, where you can meet, learn from and pitch 40 of the world's top podcasters... and get booked on the spot. This will be recorded, however, don't miss the live class where you can connect to Steve, have a chance to win one of the two $2,997 tickets he'll be giving away and ask your questions. Register now!
This SUMMER Detox Program was created for anyone who desires to: Lose weight naturally and quickly without deprivation Feel beautiful and ageless with glowing skin and endless energy Shed toxins that are causing your body unwanted weight gain Amp up your metabolism to enjoy a life you'll love Cleanse in preparation for a healthy pregnancy What's included in this Cleanse? SUMMER Cleanse Guide: This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about detoxing physically, mentally, and emotionally before you begin! Recipe Guide: This guide is packed with over 50+ mouthwatering recipes that will leave your belly full and your taste buds satisfied! Suggested Meals: This guide takes the guesswork out of what to eat by mapping out a full 14 days worth of meals for you. Day-to-Day At a Glance Guide: This day-by-day overview of your program makes it easy to know what you're doing each day with just a glance! A Shopping List: This list will make your shopping trips super simple, which means an easier, breezier detox for you. Food Diary and Transition Guide: This amazing tool will help you monitor how you're feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally during the program. Daily Email Support: I'll be popping into your inbox on a daily basis to provide support and accountability to help keep you on track Bonus handouts PLUS you get a BONUS 30-Minute Post-Cleanse Strategy Session with me when you sign up now In this Masterclass I will walk you through the information of the detox and you get the chance to ask as well + we will do a 30-minute detox yoga session as well.
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Stress is a killer, an underlying cause of over 60% of deaths. It saps our strength and deadens our joy. It's time to take back our birthright with this collection of fun, easy and powerful techniques. These are NOT the usual suspects! Each class includes 4-5 powerful techniques demo'd and explained, so that you can enjoy them and learn them. Some of them can be enjoyed as a family, and lots of them can be done in increments of 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes. Techniques include ways to prevent stress as well as deal with it after it's happening. Every class includes a mix of ways to harness and change your thinking, forms of movement, writing, forest bathing, sky bathing, and both 2 dimensional and three dimensional creative expression! Based on the best-selling 101 Stress Busters for Energy, Joy and Healthy Longevity.
Join us for module 2 of our Materia Medica Class for our Home Herbalist Study Program. Module 2 explores nine additional herbs: ginger, cayenne, turmeric, prickly ash, rosemary, ginseng, skullcap, valerian, and catnip. These herbs for the nervous, lymphatic, and musculoskeletal systems line up with our Human Physiology Module 2 (HHSP) class. It is recommended to take these two classes at the same time. Module 1 is a pre-requisite to this class. Be sure to have an intermediate comprehension of the break down of a monograph get the most out of this class. It is also recommended that you have completed Herbal Product Preparations Module 1 (HHSP) as well. For more information on this program please visit our web page at and join the Learn It Live Information Sessions for this program.
THIS CLASS MEETS CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS UNDER RULE 8, PAGE 9, IN COLORADO DORA REGULATIONS. "Increase Your Professional Competence in the field of healing arts" (DORA Section C) with this On-Line Live 2-Hour Interactive FOR CREDIT class for Chiropractors! Tired of long boring CE Classes? Try this class! This interactive on-line LIVE Webinar is Fun, Usable, and Convenient! Utilizing one of The Best On-Line Platforms here at Learn It Live. Consider this class to possibly be A Missing Link for your Chiropractic Practice. This class is based on sound Theories of Somatic Processing and Tissue Memory. Consider Your Body as The Blue-Print to understanding Tissue Memory. You will learn how to read and translate tissue memory. You will learn the concept of The Body Blue-Print. You will learn The Intelligence behind Stored Tissue Memory.And, lastly, you will learn how to connect tissue memory with body ailments; therefore transforming and transcending the gap between subluxations and optimum health.The methodology used in this class is A Registered Trademark in The State of Colorado called The Prinzing Method. Google it or go to : This class qualifies for 2 CE Credits following guidelines from DORA and The Colorado State Board of Chiropractors Examiners Rules & Regulations. If you are outside The State of Colorado see ' Pre-Requisites ' below.
Join us for module 2 of our Wellness Class for our Home Herbalist Study Program. Module 2 focuses on techniques to maintain hydration as well as looking more closely at micro nutritional needs of the average individual. Module 1 is a pre-requisite to this class. It is also suggested that you have completed Human Physiology module 1 as well before taking this module. For more information on this program please visit our web page at and join the Learn It Live Information Sessions for this program.
THIS CLASS IS APPROPRIATE FOR ALL FIRST RESPONDERS, FIRE FIGHTERS, POLICE, AND EMT'S. Do you ask yourself how can I stay STRONG and IN-THE-GAME while ERASING P.T.S.D.? This class guides Our Heroic and Altruistic Beings of First Responsers into The Fire of Personal Power while simultaneously ERASING P.T.S.D !!! Somatic Processing Expert Marlene Prinzing, M.A. guides YOU with every step of Re-Wiring Your Body and Nervous System. This Intuitive Somatic Processing Technique is Proven Method called : The Prinzing Method. Google The Prinzing Method, go to :, and or see The Additional Info Section Below for more detailed information on The Prinzing Method Methodology.
Are You Ready To Learn About: Holistic-health techniques... What real food is... The top 5 deadly things we eat almost everyday and More! PLUS...Get FREE sample eating plans and much, much, more!!! How would you like to wake up " EVERYDAY " and be able to say, "I feel great?!" It's time to CREATE A NEW YOU! It's your time to experience good health!!! Please register for orientation class so that you can watch the recording get the other document you need for this class.
Harnessing the Social Marketing Power of Influencers: How to effectively utilize influencers to share your message...create a #1 bestseller or increase attendance for your next event! Imagine this...your book campaign, online summit or latest event is promoted by like-minded influential people across each of their individual social media accounts, blogs and newsletters, ensuring your message, in their voice, is heard far and wide. Robert Clancy, co-founder of Spiral Design Studio will provide insights in influencer marketing, crowdspeaking, and social media best practices. Learn how to create an effective social marketing campaign using the new platform SpiralShare. Learn: * Best practices for social media in promoting a book or event * Harnessing the social power of influencers * What is "crowdspeaking" * Building an effective landing page Free Gift Just for Registering! Robert will send you his 'Top 5 Rules to More Visibility' Live Class Contest: One LIVE Attendee will win a YEAR of Spiralshare Pro ($200 value) Robert is a creative visionary, television host, producer, #1 bestselling author, and spiritual teacher. In 2012, he created the Robert Clancy Guide to the Soul Facebook fan page, where he shares his divinely inspired thoughts, now followed by nearly 700,000 people worldwide. He is a sought after speaker, presenter and guest. He is co-host and producer of The Mindset Reset TV Show, which has a global reach of 500 million viewers. Robert is also a regular contributor and weekly guest on Los Angeles KABC Radio's syndicated Late Night Health Radio show. His latest book Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness released October 2017 quickly became a #1 international bestseller. Robert recently completed his filming of an episode for the 2018 season of the Emmy Award winning Dr. Nandi Show which reaches over 300 million people on major cable and satellite television networks such as Discovery and ABC. Connect with Robert on The Wellness Universe:
Grapefruit essential oil is so powerful it can be used as a daily tonic for the body as well as, weight loss. Come and learn about the many ways you can use grapefruit essential oil.
Ginger McBride
Health & Wellness > Raw Food Diet
Recorded: Jul 08, 2018 at 01:30 pm EDT
Learn about the raw diet, what it includes, the benefits, why it is important, how to make the shift for various lifestyles and more!
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