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Katie Bressack HHC
Health & Wellness
Start: Nov 20, 2019 at 04:00 pm EST
Learn how to really enjoy the holidays this year without feeling guilty about that extra slice of pumpkin pie. She will show you how to keep your stress levels low and your body feeling healthy and energized all season long!
How a download from my Guidance taught me about the Three Natures and the importance of knowing from which I am acting from. The understanding of these aspects of Oneness brings an approach to living with cancer into a higher lifestyle perspective. Our Divine Evolution is Oneness, Unity, Wholeness : The Human Nature, The Spiritual Nature and The Divine Nature, unified. These Channels totally reconfigured how I related to God as I journey through stage 4 cancer. This is a prerequisite for the on-line cancer support group coming in 2020
Learn 5 simple fatigue-fighters that will instantly boost your mood and energy. Stop feeling tired and start feeling more energized.
Join me for 12 Days of Meditation. This will be a live meditation with others from around the world. Each meditation will be a little different and build on the previous session. Our goal is to make simple and build your practice whether you are new to meditation or an avid meditator.
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One way to reduce the feelings of stress throughout the day is to incorporate breathing exercises. Learn a few breathing techniques to help you during the busiest of workdays.
Start your New Year off in the healthiest way possible. Discover what healthy eating really looks like, debunk some of the health myths and share the best ways to add healthy living into your workday.
Stress at work can take a toll on productivity, and your physical and emotional health. Learn what foods to incorporate to help reduce stress in the body, some deep breathing exercises, and movement to help you feel calmer, more focused and productive during the workday.
It is possible to eat healthy without breaking the bank! Discover the best ways to shop, prep foods and exercise without going over budget.
Do you feel bloated no matter what you eat or how often you move your body? Learn why it's so important to have a healthy gut in order to keep your energy levels high, your cravings low and your immune system strong. Katie will share what hidden foods might be causing your bloat, the best foods to help eliminate belly bloating and what foods can help keep your immune system and digestive system strong.
Planning out your meals doesn't have to take up a lot of time. Learn the best practices for grocery shopping and meal planning so you can bring healthy lunches to work every day without spending to much time in the kitchen.
Moving your body throughout the day can help you have fewer headaches and body aches throughout the day. Learn some simple stretches that you can do at your desk every day in less than five minutes.
No matter how much you want to make healthy choices, it can often feel like there simply isn't time. But it IS possible to be busy and maintain healthy habits. This workshop will cover tips to squeeze healthier choices into a jam-packed schedule, including simple changes and strategies, quick and healthy snacks, on-the-go meal ideas, and the best choices when eating out.
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