Register now. Join us for Pitching Media to Land Press Coverage with PR Expert Allison Kugel, Founder of UPitch app. Pitching Media to Land Press Coverage will teach you how to: - Read media and watch media to learn how to think like a journalist - Observe how television and radio segments are introduced and how newspaper/magazine/blog article headlines are crafted - Pitch yourself as a creative partner to a journalist (how to do their job for them) - Craft a media pitch for print, broadcast and digital media - Create an email that grabs attention: The art of the email subject line and how to master it - Learn from your competition to better position your own expertise to journalists Please join the live class 3-5 minutes prior to start time with your microphone only. This class will be recorded. Learn more about Allison Kugel: Allison Kugel My name is Allison Kugel. I am a published journalist, public relations executive, speaker on communications and creator of the new Upitch App, now on the App Store. I am also author of the recently released memoir, Journaling Fame. I have been running successful public relations campaigns for the past 17 years for clients across several industries, including: technology/startups, health/wellness, lifestyle, spirituality/new age, entertainment, automotive, beauty and media. My work has resulted in thousands of pieces of press for my clients in/on media outlets, including: CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, New York Daily News, NY Newsday, Staten Island Advance, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, Detroit Free Press, Denver Post, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, USA Today, Good Morning America, CBS's The Talk, In Style, US Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Closer Weekly, InTouch Weekly, Teen Vogue, People, Family Circle, The Hallmark Channel, Mashable, EliteDaily,,, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Prevention, Travel Weekly, Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide, 1010 WINS radio, Sirius XM radio, Clear Channel radio and many, many more outlets.
Are you living a Passionate Life? Recent surveys have shown that only about 20-30% of people are passionate about the work they do. That means the majority are not passionate about what they do and are not living happy or fulfilled lives. In this workshop, we will discuss: Why postponing happiness is a flawed way to live and what you can do instead Why passions are important and why it is critical to get clarity on your definition Why taking breaks with purpose is important for living a passionate and purpose-filled life How the Passion Test and having a support network can help to have more fulfilment and better balance
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This pilot is for business owners who want to learn how to manage their time efficiently and get more clients so that they can increase their energy, productivity, and profitability. My brand new, 6 - weeks program will change your life and give you accountability in a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. The course includes a weekly, live webinar each Saturday from 10:00-11 a.m. CST, starting August 26th, along with weekly assignments, hands-on exercises, recordings of live class, and access to private Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow students. Most importantly, you will have direct access to me, coaching you along. And a special bonus - consultation with Julie Parker, face reader that will coach you how to close a sale!
This two-hour class will include a 40-minute Medical Self-Hypnosis/Theta Brain Wave Technique session. The class is limited to 5 students and each must be viewing the class on a computer that has a camera and microphone. I must be able to see and talk with each student prior to and during the session. It is necessary for me to make an energetic connection with each student. In the first part of this class, medical hypnosis, medical self-hypnosis and the Theta Brain Wave Technique will be explained along with the many advantages of learning and using the Technique in your life. Mind and body skills such as migraine headache, chronic pain, muscle spasm relief as well the value of deep rest for daily stress and anxiety/panic attack relief will be discussed. I am offering this class free in the hope that the information and experience will help you decide to take one of my online training courses. There is no obligation on your part to do so in taking this class. Please visit my website for more information.
Live question and answer session about any aspect of self-help for energy limiting chronic illness. Your chance to pick my brains as a coach and get support with whatever you might be struggling with at the moment. Submit questions by email in advance or ask them live in the session (time permitting)
Weekly support group for people with energy limiting chronic illness focused on self-directed healing. Do you believe that you can and will get better? Do you trust that with enough support your body will find a way to heal itself? Is meditation part of your self-help/healing strategy? If you're taking responsibility for your own healing and well-being but would like to connect with others on a similar path this could be the group for you.
Jillian Carnrick
Health & Wellness > Healthy Eating
Next: Sep 26, 2017 at 07:00 pm EDT
Fire Cider is an excellent herbal product first created by the beautiful herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. Now, we all share this lovely medicine with each other to help our digestion, circulation, and general wellness. The first session we will discuss the many ingredients that can go into your home made fire cider. Be sure to pick these up so during session two you can join us and make your own with us. During session three we will demonstrate how to finish the processing of your fire cider and offer a variety of ways you can use this lovely medicine in your daily life. Fire cider is currently being persecuted by an organization in the mid-west. Be sure to sign the petition at to help us continue to provide fire cider to our community as a healthy medicinal product.
Discover how to change habits, detach from limbic brain impulses, rewire neurons, understand the world, & experience a deeply happy & joyful relationship with yourself. Do you doubt yourself & the choices you make? Are you blaming others for the situations that arise? Is inner peace something that still seems distant to you? Sometimes when we doubt the choices we make, or question our inner wisdom, it just takes one little nudge to allow us to move back into a relaxing flow of life with a revitalized sense of courage, trust and inner strength. In a straightforward and often humorous way, Tony Samara will speak in simple terms, and offer relevant suggestions to assist our collective awakening. Themes Tony will address today are: Heartfelt Relationships Understanding the World Changing Old Habits Letting Go of Mind Manipulations Openness & Receptivity to All A Disciplined State of Meditation Maps for Deep Inner Peace & Wellbeing Let us follow the path of freedom together & look at what within our experiences allows us to come back into a real form of communication that makes sense & has true meaning, so that we can see things as they really are.
Ah, love. The beautiful expectations. The amazing intensity of feelings. The heightened perception of knowing the other person is around in your energy field and in your thoughts. Yet love can also be compassionate, a mutual respect for each other, sharing mutual goals. Or maybe the comfort of getting together with people you know and feel safe with. Join Maggie and her team of master teachers as they share wisdom on the many levels and ways we build partnerships. Learn how to identify partnerships along with the sacred contracts and lessons they bring. Knowledge brings power, self-power. Step into a higher partnership with your own team of master teachers and stay in conscious understanding of where each partnership is within the natural life cycle of human experience.
All budding herbalists love to make their own topical herbal products at home. The easiest and most fun are salves. Making a salve is a three step process which we will go through over three sessions. First we will learn to make an infused oil. Discuss measuring your ingredients and determining how strong your oil will be. Our second session, two weeks later, we will strain our oils and discuss how we can use the oil itself and how some of the possible herbs can be used differently. Session three will focus on making salves themselves. Be sure to check the ingredients so you can make these salves with us through the program.
Sharon Smith
Health & Wellness
Next: Oct 04, 2017 at 09:00 am EDT
Join Sharon Smith and Guests on Inspiration! The intention for this series is to offer positive messages and to leave you inspired and ready to take action in your own life, business or career. Catch up on previous episodes at
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The three pillars of healthy longevity as well as energy and the execute, execute, execute productivity that entrepreneurs need are healthy eating, daily movement and aggressive stress reduction. Mindfulness is a major tool for stress reduction! Are you thinking it is hard to learn? Nope. Are you thinking it takes up a lot of time? Nope. Are you thinking that you're too busy? Mindfulness clears away the wasted time and the mental dullness so that you can BE a hi-energy career worker, business owner or parent. You have to commit some time up front to learn how, then you have to commit time to practice - and the ROI is 3-15! That's right. For every minute of time you are in mindfulness, you get 3-15 minutes or mental sharpness and creativity, your cortisol stress chemicals drop out and your health improves. Mindfulness isn't religious. It IS powerfully effective!
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