Medical hypnosis has been practiced since the 1800s' and is practiced today by many health professionals in the United States and around the world. Until the1960s' hypnosis was thought to be a power or special skill of the hypnotist and then it was discovered that all hypnosis was in fact, self-hypnosis. With training and practice, a person can learn medical self-hypnosis and be their own hypnotist able to perform the many mind-body skills formerly credited to the medical hypnotist. After teaching self-hypnosis for many years I developed The Theta Brain Wave Technique, which is a process of focusing the mind by putting the left hemisphere of the brain asleep while increasing the awareness level of the right hemisphere thus creating an "alert theta brain wave." This state of consciousness is important for accomplishing the many mind-body and self-healing skills that I teach in my courses. Join this class and learn about Medical Hypnosis, Medical Self-Hypnosis and the Theta Brain Wave Technique. Plus many good reasons for learning both.
The second part of an extremely effective group coaching program guiding you through the 8 steps to taking back control from energy limiting chronic illness for a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life.
Are you thinking the 'unthinkable'? Do you have suicidal thoughts? Think about suicide often? Do you feel guilty about it? Are you hopeless? Do you feel helpless? There is help, and there are solutions. This class is addressed to people that have suicidal thoughts, people who feel hopeless, helpless and guilty about feeling this way. It is also addressed to people battling chronic fatigue, struggling with all kinds of chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, migraines, chronic pain, and so on. We will address the unconscious mind, change patterns and belief systems. The mind is the body and the body is the mind! Make sure you watch the 2 free introductory sessions before, in order to take full advantage of this class.
Meditation is the quieting of the mind. There are many light meditations and few deep meditations. Yoga Nidra Meditation is a deep meditation. Yoga Nidra Meditation is done in a sleeping position rather that sitting. The difference between a light and a deep meditation is the length of time that the mind remains quiet before it becomes active again. To be effective, all meditation methods need a teacher. Learning meditation is like learning to play a musical instrument. Light meditation is the same as learning to play "twinkle twinkle little star" on the piano and deep meditation is like learning to play a major classical composition. Meditation has been part of religious and spiritual practices in the Eastern World for literally thousands of years. Beginning in the twentieth century, Gurus traveled to the West teaching their philosophy and meditation. Meditation is a mechanical process and does not need to be connected to a religion, or any particular philosophy or belief system. Everyone is able to do meditation. Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation is different from other meditations because it's only possible in an alert theta brain wave state of consciousness. Join this class to learn about Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation on a scientific and mechanical basis. and why it's so important for your health.
Class will discuss strategies to eliminate depression from your life.
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Get Paid to Speak in 30 Days or Less! Register now. Join us for this 12 class course with International Speaker and Speaker's Coach Orly Amor. During these 12 classes you will learn skills and tactics that will allow you to become the powerhouse speaker you aim to be, get booked, get paid top dollar. keep them coming back to book you again, and getting referrals. Speaking takes more than telling a great story and Orly shares success tools with you that will have you Getting Paid to Speak in 30 Days or Less. It is recommended to take all 12 classes to fully benefit from this course. Orly Amor has offered a special promotion for this course, normally $4500 to attend her in person bootcamp, you can join each live webinar for only $90 each - that's a discount of more than 75% off! EXTRA BONUS: If you sign up for all classes at $90 per class, you are gifted with a 1 hour, one-on-one coaching session with Orly valued at $400! Get Paid to Speak in 30 Days or Less Class 1: It's Process Not Perfection What kind of speaker are you? Which one Fits You? Why you need to speak? When do you Speak? How do you get paid & how much? Where to speak? And Much more. Please join the class 3-5 minutes before start time with your microphone. This class will be recorded. Downloadable worksheet for each class will be sent through The Lounge. Learn more about Orly Amor: Orly Amor is an internationally known speaker, business coach for public speakers, and author of several books. Founder of the Health & Wellness Network of Commerce, the Social Wow Factor Conference and The Global Mentoring Center. Soon after earning both MBA and Law Degrees, she dedicated her life and career to creating prosperity by helping others realize their own mission-based goals and dreams. Extensive experience as a Certified Behavioral Analyst has made her indispensable as a coach to many influential corporate leaders. Despite the impressive education and success as a business woman, Orly remains remarkably humble, authentic, and a very engaging speaker. In addition to being a great public speaker herself, for the past ten years, she has helped Public Speakers create their Business Model for Public Speaking. Her gift is to show them how to monetize their craft by taking it seriously and having what she calls 'Business in A Box for Public Speaking.' Thereby teaching them how to fish. Orly Amor will help you reach beyond your goals with strength, character, courage, integrity and absolute conviction. An extraordinary instructor, an involved Orly Amor and the Global Mentoring Program will teach measurable, beneficial and progressive accomplishment. Orly Amor, International Speaker, Author, Executive Business Coach for Public Speakers
Register now. Join us for Keys to Success with Lisa Mininni, CEO Excellerate Associates. Class 1 in this series will teach you how to Increase Sales by Fixing Your Broken Sales Process with Your Authentic Close Formula Old school methods of high-pressured sales tactics and push marketing simply don't work anymore and they are simply outdated with today's educated consumer. If you want to crack the code on enrolling more clients that works for your unique hardwiring, then this presentation is for you. In this session, you will discover: - Key factors about your hardwiring that can make or break any business relationship. - 12 insightful hard-wiring tips to create authentic connections when enrolling your prospects to clients and why these can make a real difference between someone doing business with you or walking away. - The 1 system every business owners should have in their business to work less, enroll more and serve at a higher level. - Regardless if you're new to business or have been in business a while, you will leave this session knowing your unique, authentic close formula for enrolling more prospects into clients. Meet The Wellness Universe Expert Lisa Mininni: Lisa Mininni Systems savvy maverick, Lisa Mininni, has the power to positively transform your possibilities into reality. Client results speak for themselves: Productivity doubled. Sales increased 90% in 30 days. Revenue increased 76% in 12 months. The bottom line is that this internationally acclaimed speaker and award winning author, media go-to expert and business regeneration dynamo has shows you a proven systems approach to scale your profitable business. This sought-after visionary is renowned in over eleven countries! Please log in 3 minutes prior to the live class with your microphone only.
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Start: Apr 05, 2017 at 01:00 pm EDT
Our brain broadcasts alternating current through our skull and can be picked up by an electroencephalogram or EEG. Today's EEGs can map both hemispheres at the same time which gives us proof of various states of consciousness from the awake state to deep sleep and everything in between. Attend this class and learn about your brain waves in sleep, hypnosis, light and deep meditation, alert alpha and alert theta.
Want to take back more control from your illness and live a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life? This FREE introductory class explains how learning meditation, mindfulness and relaxation skills can help you do just that. It also includes the popular guided chocolate meditation! I'll also be offering tips for how to overcome the kind of meditation disability that often accompanies illnesses like ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.
Register now. Join Charles Eduardos, CEO of Victorious Living System for Class 1 of his powerful transformation leadership sessions: Leading from the Emerging Future This session focuses on how to be a cutting edge leader. Being a Cutting Edge Leader - There is a presupposition in neuro-linguistic programming that states it is impossible to continue in unresourceful behavior with awareness. So, I want to raise your awareness. You are a World Changer and you have greatness in you. You were designed for awesomeness (is that a word? Well, it is now) In this session we will explore practices that will heighten your awareness and empower you to recognize and circumvent your previous programming and mental scripts that stand between you and your deepest desires. We will work from the Performance Blockers worksheet which you will receive prior to this live course via an email through The Wellness Universe Lounge. Learn more about Charles Eduardos I am an Executive/Corporate Coach, Life Transformation Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, and Registered Corporate Coach (RCC). I am dedicated to helping you in your quest for a transformed life. I believe that you can have, you can achieve and you can be more than you ever imagined. I'm a native of Cleveland, Ohio and an ordained minister with 39 years of experience in pastoral and evangelistic ministry. I'm Pastor at All Saints Lutheran Church in Olmsted Falls, and also serve on the Board of Cleveland Clinic's CPE Program and Chaplain for the Olmsted Twp Police Department and Rocky River Police Department. I'm an experienced Executive/Corporate Coach, trainer/facilitator (Registered Corporate Coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified NLP Practitioner and I've worked with individuals and organizations (profit and non- profit) to support them in identifying and tackling their challenges. I absolutely love being a catalyst for transformed lives, and I look forward to talking with YOU! Please join the live session 3-5 minutes prior to start time with your microphone only. This class will be recorded.
Class with discuss Holistic Philosophies that will build a strong defense which will help with life's hardships.
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Guided Imagery Meditation aligning with the Pink Moon (Algonquian). Otherwise known as Planter's Moon, Flower Moon, Wildcat Moon, Growing Moon, Seed Moon, Awakening Moon, Seed Moon, Paschal Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, fish Moon, and Egg Moon by other cultures. Attendees must have participated in one free Primal Pathworking - Introduction sessions prior to registering. Registration deadline 04/01/17 to receive free Centering Kit to use during meditation.
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