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Christine Duminiak's research and experiences show there is a powerful link between receiving an afterlife contact and feeling at peace with a loved one's passing. Christine's goal in this workshop is to help the attendees recognize an afterlife sign, claim their own signs, and learn how to receive a comforting ADC or a dream visit. Students will learn: 1. 20 Ways Loved Ones Contact Us From the Afterlife 2. Tips For Receiving Afterlife Contacts & Dream Visits 3. Grief Healing Methods
When the world feels chaotic and you're seeking quiet in the storm, a spiritual journal can help process feelings and thoughts. A journal can also be a path to nurture your faith through interactive prayer. Participants will explore many ways to journal going beyond the written word to use images, color and other collage techniques. This participatory workshop will inspire attendees through guided prompts and images to start their own spiritual journal or renew their own writing practice. MATERIALS: Journal, pen or pencils, scissors, glue, collage material
Fatigue, burnout, and illness are becoming more prevalent in our fast-paced world where our personal, professional, and philanthropic schedules are both fuller and more demanding. Meditation is a centuries old practice that brings peace, rest, and rejuvenation to our bodies, allowing us to live with more passion, productivity, and purpose. This beginner class provides a brief overview of the benefits of meditation, tips for incorporating meditation into your busy day, and a brief meditation session where you will learn basic skills to begin your own meditation practice, one that helps you help yourself when you need it most.
INSTRUCTOR: Chelsea Hanson DESCRIPTION: This unique, how-to workshop shows you how to remember beloved people using joyful ways to carry forward their love, spirit and memory in daily life. Not only is this workshop filled with a rich treasury of ideas and projects to inspire you to creatively include your loved ones in daily life, but also provides grief healing. You will be empowered to know you have the right to share memories, treasure stories, and carry on the legacy and rich heritage of your beloved. The workshop highlights how to: 1. Maintain the continuing bonds with the deceased and keep their spirit close to your heart 2. Share the spirit of a loved one with new traditions and tangible methods 3. Keep memories alive in daily life. You are introduced to creative, inspiring ways to embrace memories with meaning and joy. You learn to use creative commemorative ideas such as: unique keepsake boxes, hope chests, memory frames and photo walls, remembrance books, memorial trees and gardens, and memorial funds and fundraisers. You are encouraged to respect and publicly celebrate a loved one through ritual, memorialization, and personally significant approaches in a way that works for you, not what others think or expect.
INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Gloria Horsley & Dr. Heidi Horsley DESCRIPTION: Participants will learn about the most current research on hope after loss, and will be provided with inspirational stories from Open to Hope cable television and radio show guests, and personal experiences that support the research and show that despite profound loss, people can and do find hope and happiness again. LEARN TO IDENTIFY: 1. 10 tips for helping clients take care of themselves 2. Identify practical means of instilling hope by teaching the bereaved skills for healing and thriving 3. Identify special considerations when offering support and how this can be used to stabilize clients 4. Best practices for finding hope after loss
Rachel S. Heslin
Recorded: Aug 19, 2016 at 02:00 pm EST
Three of the most destructive words to our ability to thrive are Coulda, Woulda, and Shoulda. How many times have we felt guilt, regret, and shame over our actions? I know that, when I started a deliberate forgiveness practice, it was *so* much easier to forgive others their transgressions than to forgive myself, for I *knew* how much I'd screwed up. But as long as we carry that guilt, we are not only chaining ourselves to our past, but we are depriving the world of what we could become. In The Power of Self-Forgiveness, you will learn: * How self-forgiveness can open up your life * Why we judge ourselves so harshly * Specific ways that you can learn how to make peace with your past If you find yourself awake at night, helplessly obsessing over things you�ve done wrong, please join me, and I�ll help you make peace with yourself so you can live your life with confidence, gratitude, and love.
Rachel S. Heslin
Recorded: May 06, 2016 at 03:15 pm EST
Why do we grieve? What prevents us from grieving, and how can *not* setting aside the time to mourn cripple our ability to fully embrace joy? Finally, what can we do to use our grief to deepen our connection with our hearts? The title of this course is inspired by Kahlil Gibran, who said (paraphrased): The deeper that sorrow carves into my soul, the greater my capacity for joy. If you are struggling with loss in your own life, please join me, and I would love to be able to help you move through your mourning and experience the richness of all Life's emotions.
Don Shapiro
Recorded: Sep 24, 2015 at 09:00 pm EST
Time is the great healer. No matter how difficult the circumstances that cross our path, it takes time for our emotions, minds and spirit to process what's happened. Do not let anything or anyone push you to move on too fast or get over it. We all heal in our way at our own speed. This healing cannot be rushed. It's normal and natural to feel overwhelmed, out of sorts and confused when a major change knocks on our door. Whether the loss of a loved one, the breakup of a long time relationship or other event that is emotionally devastating, we need time to heal and adjust. How long that takes depends on the individual. No two people have the same internal clock or the same wiring. Grief is something that we live with for the rest of our life. You don't ever get over it and you're not supposed to. There's nothing wrong with you. Nothing to be fixed. It is perfectly normal to grieve over someone we dearly love for life. Healing means that the initial intensity and frequency of what we are feeling subsides into something that is like a comfortable friend who walks with us. Join Don to learn what grief and other emotionally devastating events are really about, how we can heal from them and how we can best support others in their time of need.