Everyone's talking about the total solar eclipse that's coming in August. It's more than a one-time event. It's the high point in a process of resetting and rebooting that'll go on for two years. Learn what it means for you and for the United States, the only place on the planet where it's visible. Understanding of astrology useful but not required.
Embracing the Eclipse: A Meditation for Personal Growth Sense something big brewing? Are you anxious or apprehensive? Curious? Excited? Raring to blast off? This gentle but potent guided meditation is for you! You will meet, embrace and work with the energies of the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21. The process you experience is one you can repeat and revisit as often as you like. No understanding of astrology required.
Tracey Ash
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One of the finest NEW FRONTIER HUMANITY HEALERS OF HER GENERATION! This major-global influencer travels the world designing the solutions for better, FAST-TRACK personal and planetary healing. THESE ARE URGENT TIMES, WORKING TOGETHER IS ESSENTIAL, THE RESULTS ARE MASSIVE, QUANTUM PROGRESS, MIRACLE PROGRESS AT PERSONAL AND BIGGER PICTURE LEVELS. THE AWAKENING IS HERE! We have individuals and groups from all over the world joining us! Honouring you all!
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The moon cycles through four distinct phases every month, from new to full and back again. You've seen them in the sky; now learn how to work (and play!) with them. This single-session class includes: * What the phases are * What activities are best for each phase * How each zodiac sign affects the new and full moon * Tips for creating simple rituals for the new and full moon
Let us take a voyage through the sacred texts together--not to go back in time, but rather to discover how this universal ancient wisdom can spark the answers we need to live more fully today. Explore how these teachings can help in every area of life: work, family, relationships, emotions, spirituality...to generate more peace, love, joy, magnetism, harmony, abundance, and success. We are studying the book The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita, which shares a profound interpretation of this scripture by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the bestselling classic Autobiography of a Yogi. We will start each session with a short meditation and then review the text from that week's reading. I will share some thoughts and encourage group discussion and introspection. I look forward to embarking on this voyage with you! Watch a free introductory webinar here: https://spirit.learnitlive.com/class/8038/Introduction-to-the-Bhagavad-Gita