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When you’re in a romantic relationship, you think you’re in a relationship with one other person. Actually, you’re in a three-way. Your relationship is between YOU, YOUR HONEY (or honey-to-be) and yep, you guessed it, Your MONEY! Maybe you push “Money” away. Maybe you LOVE having “Money” around. Maybe you pay attention to “Money” … even more than your honey. When “Money” leaves you, you feel hurt, broken, or stressed out. Learn how mastering the 4 Keys can help you have a Rich Relationship with Your Money… and Your Honey. This will help you: Learn two simple ways to get clarity of your money so you have more choices – eliminates stress! Learn what the ‘1 CHAT Weekly Format' Money Meeting is, and how 15 minutes a week, can add more passion to your relationship Discover a super-simple exercise that will make it EASY to make tough money decisions No matter how bad, good or great your relationship with “Money” is, it’s always present, and it affects every area of your life: Emotions, Career, Friends & Family, Health, Spirituality, Recreation, and most definitely your Intimate Relationship. It’s time for you to tell your Money who’s boss!
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