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In this class we will work on your vocal technique, so you can sing better, by connecting the "Bridge" / Passagio, which is the braking point in our voice. Also we will explore different ways to: - Over come stage fright - Learn how to express emotions when we sing - How to build your performance with live audience
שלום לכולם, מזמינה אתכם לקחת חלק בפרוייקט ניסויי - של שיעור קול קבוצתי, בו אתם מביאים שאלות שמטרידות אתכם בענין הקול, טכניקה או שירים שאתם רוצים לבצע. הניסוי יימשך כחודש, במידה ויש עניין הפרוייקט ימשיך, במידה ולא יהיה ענין הוא ייסגר. השיעור מוקלט בוידאו, כך שתוכלו לצפות בו לאחר מכן, ולכתוב לכם או לתרגל שוב. הקלטת הוידאו תשרת גם אתכם וגם אותי, ואבקש מכל המשתתפים לאשר הצבת הוידאו ברשתות החברתיות, זהו תנאי להשתתפות בשיעור. בברכה אוריה דהישראלי In this Hebrew class I will show you how to warmup your voice, and how to get better in singing, how to improve your song and technique. The class wil be recorded, and I might put it on FB, YT, or other social media.
Kamira Reed
Arts > Performing Arts
Recorded: Mar 31, 2016 at 10:30 pm EST
In this class, learn the foundations of beginning praise dance. Rather you are a beginner, have experienced or never moved before this class is designed to give you confidence through movement. Start connecting with God and learn a few eight counts along the way.
In this singing class we will work on style of singing\ performing, it is where YOU the participants are asking me what would you like to work on, and to receive from this workshop. I can lead this workshop anywhere you choose, and give you tools and tips to make any song in any style more interesting, fluent, smooth or "Rocky" to make it your own, to add your own flavor and personal color to it, and to polish it to the next level of performance ability. I will do my best to make you all participate, and feel that you can extract some benefit of the material. You are mostly welcome to try every thing I show to the degree that your voice feel comfortable with, with out causing any harm to it. I will explain about this more specifically in the begining of the class. hope to see you there !! Orya Deisraeli
Presented by Thom Stanley, puppeteer/producer for TV & Film Mon, Nov 18, 2013, 7pm - 9pm onsite and webinar Ages 14 & up (Intermediate) Learn the unique style of puppetry used in television and film. On-site participants will work with a monitor in front of a camera, discovering techniques that will allow them to connect with the audience, move with precision and control, lip sync effectively, and react as individuals and group members to allow their puppet(s) to act the scene! Virtual participants will use the chat window to ask questions and the video window to view the classroom exercises. Q&A with Thom will be offered throughout the program for all participants! Format: Hands-on
Presented by Tanglewood Marionettes Mon, Oct 28, 2013, 7pm - 9pm onsite and recorded for online viewing Ages 14 & up (Beginner) THIS IS A RECORDED SESSION. IT WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING FOLLOWING THE LIVE SESSION (OCT. 28, 7-9 PM ET). ALLOW 48 HOURS FOR LEARN IT LIVE TO POST. Tanglewood’s master puppeteers will discuss some of the construction and stringing techniques used when building marionettes, and then demonstrate the basics of marionette manipulation. Participants will be provided with professional-quality marionettes for the duration of the workshop. These marionettes will be short-strung to allow the participants to work them at floor-level. Students will begin with simple manipulation, such as turning the puppet's head or raising its hand, and then progress to compound movements, such as sitting or walking. Emphasis will be placed on encouraging participants to carefully observe real-world movement. The workshop will culminate with applying the movement techniques learned to express emotions. Format: Demo and Hands-on
Voice for Puppet Performance Presented by Amy Sweeney and Allison Murphy, Center for Puppetry Arts puppeteers Mon, June 24, 2013, 7pm - 8:30pm onsite and webinar Ages 14 & up (Beginner) This workshop will help any beginning puppet performer find the perfect voice for his/her character(s)! The session will kick off with fun vocal warm ups, and then trade secrets about getting “into” voices will be shared. The presenters will then talk about the challenges of doing a live voice with a puppet character and where to “place” your voice safely for different characters.
This is prerequisite to Puppet Slam Primer.
In appreciation of your support of Sockly through power2give, please join us for this special behind-the-scenes webinar. During the webinar, you will hear from Jon Ludwig, Artistic Director and co-creator of Sockly as well as Jason von Hinezmeyer, Resident Puppet Builder, co-creator and designer of Sockly! Hear Jon and Jason speak about brainstorming, designing, and building Sockly, and take a peek at how Sockly is built! You'll also be able to watch Sockly in action and see how he is operated. This webinar is recommended for ages 12+ and will last approximately 45 minutes. This is a special event for Sockly donors. This webinar will be recorded.
Puppet Slam (noun): A curated collection of short-form pieces of adult puppet theater. After discussing what makes a great Slam piece, participants will divide into groups to brainstorm and develop their own short works. Ages 18+ (All levels) The Center's webinar host will facilitate interaction between the Learn It Live audience and the on-site workshop presenter, Beau Brown. In addition, the webinar audience will receive a dedicated 10-15 Q & A session with Beau.
This hands-on, interactive workshop is geared towards anyone working with preschool-aged children. Learn about puppet design, building, and manipulation, as well as how to create a shadow screen and simple scenery. Ages 14+ (Beginner) The Center's webinar host will facilitate interaction between the Learn It Live audience and the on-site workshop presenter, Sara Burmenko. In addtion, the webinar audience will receive a dedicated 10-15 Q & A session with Sara.
Tabletop puppetry, a variation of Bunraku (the traditional Japanese style of overt puppetry), is a hallmark of all Thistle Theatre productions. This workshop allows you to experience first-hand this challenging and rewarding style of puppetry! The Center's webinar host will facilitate interaction between the Learn It Live audience and the on-site workshop presenters from Thistle Theatre. In addtion, the webinar audience will receive a dedicated 10-15 Q & A session with Thistle Theatre. Ages 14+ (Beginner to Intermediate)
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