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Caryn Slack
Spirituality > Meditation
Recorded: Jun 05, 2018 at 09:45 pm EDT
Join Caryn as she offers a guided meditation experience. Through the use of guided imagery, affirmations and focus techniques you are able to take this sacred time and space to honor your self, mind body and soul. She welcomes you to join in with an open mind and open heart.
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Reiki practitioners, are you seeking to broaden your healing modalities and connect with people on deeper levels for more powerful healing? Join Todd and Joanne as they introduce you to the powerful benefits of music, crystals and reiki to heal and balance. You already help to heal through your reiki sessions. Did you know that the vibrations of music heal on a different level? Music is used to treat people with cancer, emotional and psychological issues and is scientifically proven to bring healing results. Imagine adding music in a powerful way to your reiki practice? Crystals have been used in healing rituals since ancient times. Civilizations have even worshiped certain stones because of their healing properties. Would you like to incorporate the amplified healing properties of crystals into your work? This free workshop is for you! Todd A. Le Bouef & Joanne M. Bisesi, Multidimensional Alchemists & Reiki Master Teachers present an integrated system of healing and balancing self and others using crystals, music and Reiki. - Crystals for working with healing and spiritual energies will be discussed. A list of crystals will be provided to help you to create your tool kit. - Types of music that can be used for meditation, Reiki and healing will be introduced. - Additional Reiki symbols will be provided that are used for opening the chakras at the start of a Reiki session; bringing inner peace and eliminating fear; and healing people, crystals, machines, cars and computers. We will go over: - The Principles of Healing Sound - The Principle of Resonance - The Principle of Melody - The Principle of Pitch - Sounding the Chakras - Suggested music - Reiki Symbols - Crystals - Cleansing and programming crystals - Crystals for children Join Todd and Joanne as they teach and give you the tools needed to help you and/or your clients heal and live a happier life. Joanne and Todd take energy transformation seriously and have integrity while doing so, each have been honored within their community for these services. *Prerequisite: You must have Reiki Level II training completed prior to this class. Wonderful gifts for being part of this free workshop: Signing Up Gift: PDF article Healing & Balancing Within Using Crystals, Music and Reiki Valued: $10 Showing Up Live Gift: Sound Meditation Valued: $20 6 Live Attendees will Win a Thirty minute Distance Reiki sessions via Skype. Value: $30.00 each Connect with Todd: Connect with Joanne: Creators of Healing & Balancing with Crystals, Music and Reiki: Joe Johnson & Joanne Bisesi
Make this bright, elegant, and delightful dandelion oil for use by itself or to use as a base for dandelion herbal salve. Join Courtney, herbalist, integrative health specialist, and plant-spirit medicine maker. Enroll in this course and you will receive a FREE recipe with detailed instructions on how to make your own oil. Courtney will go through each step with you in this class from picking to the infusion. After you go through this class you will be able to make homemade dandelion infused oil yourself or teach your friends!
Jump into this class and learn about the Sensitive Empath. This class is very important for empathic individuals as you will learn about your abilities as a healer. Not ALL empaths are healers, but there are some very clear sign posts along the way. Join this FREE class and learn the signs and symptoms of the empath-healer. Empath-healers are natural born compassionate care givers and their sensitive gift of empathic awareness is the crux of this valuable ability to tune into, feel, and identify what challenges others face and the information to help them heal.
2018 Series Angelic Wisdom Council New Moon Circle and Full Moon Circle These classes will be taught within the 3 day time of each New and Full Moon. Each class with have intention prayer, Sacred Sound, Angelic Messages from the Archangels Wisdom Council, Guided Meditation, Activations, and much more. Each class will specifically tune in to the energy frequencies associated with the current planetary energies as guided by your guides and Angels.
For beginners & intermediate practitioners alike, this course discusses and practices with live meditations the essential elements of successful meditation. Today's part 5 trains your imagination and visualization skills. There will be time for discussion, sharing, and questions. The following classes will cover: ~ affirmations ~ stillness & non-attachment
We will be developing our psychic, intuitive and mediumship skills in the monthly gathering. Mitchell will bring a lesson for the first half of the class and allow for lots of questions about development during the last half. It will be the intention that regular attendance & viewing of this class will help the students grow and strengthen their skills as a psychic & medium. You can use the chat box, or audio only or video if you choose when Mitchell opens up the lines for communication and feedback. Thanks so much.
In these 6 classes Emanuelle will help you to discover your life path and manifest abundance and bliss into your reality by giving you clarity on where you are on your journey today, so you can stop second guissing yourself. By giving you an insight and understanding in the different structures within your life so you can then understand which parts need more of your attention and focus to live a balanced, blissful existence. You will be able to be who you truly are in essence, an intuitive, compassionate version of yourself and learn how to go beyond creative visualization to tap into your souls deepest desires and experience genuine spiritual liberation.
energy psychology and healing and meditation
Kim Bayne
Health & Wellness
Recorded: May 26, 2018 at 10:00 am EDT
P.O.W.E.R Peace Of Wellbeing Empowering Reality First of all, thank you for joining this Support Group. Power is a word we use for many different reasons and to explain many different things. this weeks group will be focused on Self-Acceptance and Self-Love. For this specific Group I want you to come away feeling empowered and I want you to understand that you have POWER over your life. I am a certified Life Coach and Master Reiki Practitioner.
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Every WU World-Changer is invited to this meeting. If you are interested in learning more about the Soccerex event and participating as a speaker and exhibitor or sponsor, please register. Join The Wellness Universe to be considered for the Wellness Area in Soccerex: Learn more about this event: PASSWORD: Kick Soccerex is coming to Miami. Are you in the HEALTH or WELLNESS field and seeking to do business with leagues, teams, academies, decision makers, investors and more? Do you want to exhibit or speak to the industry leaders in the world of soccer? Meet us for a live Q&A about this epic event the world of soccer converges at. The Wellness Universe is the official wellness area within the Soccerex event. For the first time in history, wellness has its own area in Soccerex. Bringing wellness into the conversation is a new way to support players, teams, organizations, fans, parents and more. From career planning (What do you do after the career is over?) To addiction counseling to empowerment, self development and more, can you see your product or service, service the soccer industry? Then join our meeting! Join us and connect with game changers!
Are you able to see and sense energy but do not understand how to read it? In this class, Jamie will go over the meanings of aura colors as well as the placement and the location of them. When someone senses energy they will be able to better understand what a person or animal is going through mentally, physically and emotionally. Come prepared to this class to explore your personal relationship to color as well as the understanding of the physical body as it relates to every emotion, and an open imagination!
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