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Shanti Mission Shanti
Next: Aug 19, 2018 at 06:00 am EDT
Satsang is a beautiful mixture of spiritual teaching, music and meditation. It is a wonderful way to connect with yourself, transform and uplift situations in your life and set yourself up vibrationally for the week ahead! Satsang is offered by heartfelt contribution. All are welcome!
Caryn Slack
Spirituality > Meditation
Start: Aug 19, 2018 at 10:00 am EDT
Join me Sunday the 19th for some intuitive meditation. We will work with guided imagery, affirmations, imagination and intuition to help us connect with peace and understanding. Thank you for taking the time to join!
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What if your struggle to rise above your emotional triggers, your negative self-talk, the habitual fear patterns that stop you from living your best life were all anchored in your nervous system, your physiology, and your energy field by deliberate design? What if ll the deep personal work you have been doing based on only feeling release and relief AFTER you have learned your soul lesson is blocked by the belief that you have more to do before you can just be happy and complete in your I-Am-ness? What if you have begun to realize that in our existing system of separation there is no end to the healing, or clearing, or looping through patterns that derail your life, robbing you of happiness, contentment, and peace, because we are all looping in an endless cycle of we are broken, we are not enough, we can never be whole? This course uproot you and replant you in your spiritual sovereignty knowing there is a way out of the maze of disempowerment, disappointment, and distraction to being your fully whole, consciously co-creative Being.
Do you hear the call of the Sea? Come join us in this Voices from Spirit series featuring Mermaids. Learn more about these water loving spirits from around the world, how they can heal your sorrow and help you to find your spiritual name. Discover what mermaid, or merman, is here to help you on your journey though a guided meditation. And create a water blessing to help you purify your life and the waters that surround you. Bring your questions to the live show or watch the recording from your pool.
Have you been trying to stop your self-sabotage and generate more confidence for your life, your business or your family? Not working, huh? STOP beating yourself up! You are using the wrong tools, that's all. In this workshop, you will connect with your inner goddess energy (not associated with any religion or faith!), and watch the real barriers to your successful completion of your goals start to crumble before your eyes. Take effective action against the barriers that are holding you back. Enrollment is limited for the highest-quality experience.
Hermina Rhime
Spirituality > Channeling
Start: Aug 25, 2018 at 04:00 pm EDT
It's the anniversary of when Stardust was created 1 year ago on August 25th! And just in time for the full moon. To celebrate how far we've come, Kari and I will be hosting a free channeling event live for all Stardusters. I will be trance channeling and "conscious" channeling (my term for when I'm not in trance) Sarsahr beings. Our main guest will be Beatrice, who agreed to be channeled for this event. She is a Sarsahr that is not part of Stardust, so it will be interesting to hear her point of view of how her and her community that are not directly involved in Stardust view all of this. There is no set topic. We will just go with the flow and answer any questions that you may have. Please remember that the Sarsahr are not spirits; therefore, they cannot predict the future, contact loved ones, etc. Let's have fun! Make sure to bring snacks and beer!
In these 6 classes Emanuelle will help you to discover your life path and manifest abundance and bliss into your reality by giving you clarity on where you are on your journey today, so you can stop second guissing yourself. By giving you an insight and understanding in the different structures within your life so you can then understand which parts need more of your attention and focus to live a balanced, blissful existence. You will be able to be who you truly are in essence, an intuitive, compassionate version of yourself and learn how to go beyond creative visualization to tap into your souls deepest desires and experience genuine spiritual liberation.
Christia Cummings
Spirituality > Angels
Start: Aug 27, 2018 at 03:00 pm EDT
Full Moon Soul Light Activation These classes are taught within the 3 day time of each Full Moon. Each class has intention prayer, Sacred Sound, Channeling of the Star Soul Family of Light (includes Angels, Ascended Masters, Animal Spirit Guides, Loved Ones who have crossed over, Beings of Light from others sections of the Galaxy), Guided Meditation, Activations, and much more. Each class will specifically tune in to the energy frequencies associated with the current planetary energies as guided by your guides and Angels. I have been working with this particular Soul Light meditation for a few years now, I begin each session with this meditation. It is really the foundation for everything. Grounding our Soul Light into our physical bodies is one of the most important things we can do to help us on a daily basis. It ain’t easy being 3D! When our Soul Light is fully anchored in and through our bodies and grounded into and connected to the crystal core of the Earth Mother anything is possible, for we are in our power. It is my honor to work with you now. Its ok if you have done this particular activation before, they tell me that each time you are activated on another level and new things are upgraded and released to make room for all of YOU! Namaste
In gratitude to receiving over 500 likes on my Facebook page, I would like to present a Question and Answer session for anything I can appropriately answer about me or about the universe and spirit, as well as giving some mini readings to some attendees with whatever spirit has to say. Everyone is welcome to submit a question, or just say hi. I will try my best to get to as many as I can.
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Awaken to your Divine YOU! When you experience a direct connection with the Divine Presence, some may call GOD, you experience a higher frequency of love and prosperity. Expansiveness occurs into healthier beliefs and heightens levels of abundances filled with bliss, peace, love, prosperity, and vitality. Human ego control loses power and the primary focus is on enjoying life vs. on releasing self-defeating beliefs. A talk and a meditation to move one's consciousness from conditional based living filled with fears, insecurities, negativity, and judgments to that of unconditional love filled with joy, peace, love, and prosperity. Join Angelica on this magical journey into your divine YOU and live in direct connection from this place. Angelica Rose, An Angel Walk-in, Angel Messenger, Love Presenter, Certified Hypnotist, Radio Host, Minister of LOVE, and Author since 1991. Angelica authored Books, EBooks, Relaxation CDs, MP3s, MP4s, Talk on Spiritual Oneness and Inspirational Stickers. Angelica also created an online series called, Spiritual Journey to Divine Love on MP3 and MP4. Angelica's mission is committed to empowered high vibrations of love. Angel assists those who have a loving heart and are choosing to Live a life of Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Love, and Vitality. She provides Angel Messages without human filters. For those committed to Love, she offers Chakra Balance Sessions, Presents talk on the divinity of Love, Monthly Channeled Events, Meditation Classes, Hypnosis Sessions, that provide deeper awareness, greater clarity, and heightened levels of love, joy, peace, vitality, and prosperity. She does this with the help of channeling Pure Love Beings including the Angelic Realm where she becomes a conduit for their pure loving energies as well as channels messages. Media Expertise: � Angelica also has media expertise in a variety of areas such as, broadcasting an educational radio show on KEZX, producing, "The Entrepreneurial Television Show," publishing educational articles in a variety of national publications, being a guest on KIRO television, "Merissa at 9," and numerous talk radio shows, and being interviewed on a variety of national magazines. She broadcasts Universal Love is calling, Pick Up! and Angel Messenger Radio Show Higher Frequencies of love, joy and positive thinking-Transform YOUR Life
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Join us for the only module for the Plant Identification portion of The Dancing Herbalist's Home Herbalist Study Program. This four hour course will give you the skills to use a flora or other plant identification text to identify plants local to you that can be used for your own medicine or other uses. We will not be discussing any medicinal uses of plants in this class, nor will we be solely focusing on identifying medicinal plants. We will however be focusing on identifying plants in North America. The techniques used in this class can be used for identifying plants on other continents. We will be presenting this whole 4 hour course on one day in multiple segments. Please be aware that all segments are on the same day. Segment 1 will focus on plant parts necessary for identification. This terminology will be essential for the remaining segments. Segment 2 will focus on the use of Newcomb's Wildflower Guide to learn the basics of using a plant identification key. This book is recommended to purchase prior to the class but is not necessary to participate. We will also be using an advanced plant identification 'flora' (identification book) to sample more complicated identification techniques. We will be using 'Plants of Pennsylvania' for our sample flora text. Segment 3 will focus on plant families that are commonly used in herbal medicine and what features of these plants are commonly used to identify them. Join us live, practice identification of fun and interesting plants, and learn some new tools you may not have yet known to make sure you are reaching for the best medicine. Recommended Text: Newcomb's Wildflower Guide; A flora of your local region to use after the class
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