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Learn and grow the intuitive side of Your-Self, experience the magic of meeting and working with Your Spirit Guides. Explore and expand the depth of your own skills and gifts; journey into another realm. Lesson plans change weekly and medium-ship is always practiced! PREREQUISITE: We request you attend our beginner course on Monday's before attending this class. 2 Psychic Development for Beginners classes BEFORE being eligible to attend this class.
Join us each month for a master class with one of the stellar members of The Wellness Universe. You will get a chance to meet the soul behind their profile and not only walk way inspired but also educated. This month's guest is the inspirational, Susanne Heaton. Susanne will be sharing with us the 5 key benefits of spending time in nature and will be challenging us to see if we are spending enough time there ourselves. Cancer. Burnout. Loss. Susanne has survived all of these wake-up calls and she is passionate about helping others realize their dreams and tap into their creative potential NOW to live a fully abundant life. To find out more about Susanne, visit here:
Learn It Live
Start: May 26, 2016 at 04:00 pm EDT
In this training session we will view the virtual classroom and learn how to use it and its tools effectively as an instructor.
Archangel Gabriel channeled his first message through Rev. Penny Donovan (an extremely rare full trance channeler) in October 1987 and continued until December 1999. For twelve amazing years, Gabriel delivered over 200 teachings in evening sessions, seminars, and question/answer sessions, which lead to the creation of The Gabriel Fellowship and eventually Sacred Garden Fellowship. Now presented as an introductory course to the public, all can discover the treasure of these invaluable teachings in a relaxed, experiential, interactive, online setting. Join us for a nine week journey that introduces the basic concepts of spiritual understanding that Gabriel taught. Classes are spaced to give time for reading and application of learning materials. Classes include: Unpublished video footage of Gabriel delivering his profound teachings Instruction and discussion using the course book Introduction to Practical Spirituality: Selected Lessons from Archangel Gabriel Topics include: Who Is Archangel Gabriel, Who is Penny Donovan, Angels in Our Life, Understanding problems, Understanding energy, Thought forms, Our God-Self, How We Are Guided, Your Spirit and Your Soul, Forgiveness, and The Importance of Meditation and more! Opportunities to discover how to apply Gabriels principles to create a better life for yourself! A time and place to share your personal learning and application of Gabriels teachings An open, nonjudgemental environment to learn and grow Testimonials: "I can't say enough how important this class and this material is to my spiritual/personal development. Adriene and Peter present the course in such a way that no person is left not understanding it. They are always able to talk through and explain the many facets of the lessons and how they may interact with our everyday lives." - Melissa, Class 2015 "I have always had a hard time find my way in my spiritual path. what beliefs to believe from childhood to my adult life. This course brought me to a level of awareness with my inner self that I have never witnessed before. A sense of knowing all is well in my life and true sense of peace and understanding for the first time in my life. Thank you so much. I can't wait to continue the path I just started my new and wonderful spirit life." - anonymous Class 2015 "I found our discussions that allowed us to bring our personal experiences that connected with all the Gabriel teachings the most helpful. I know now I can continue the spiritual work going forward." -anonymous Class 2015 "This course was incredible with insightful lessons and hands on tools to use in your life. I looked forward to attending each week. My life has been changed energetically, spiritually, and intuitively. Adriene and Peter created an atmosphere of love and comfort in sharing." - Shirl Class 2015
Learn and grow the intuitive side of Your-Self, experience the magic of meeting and working with Your Spirit Guides. Explore and expand the depth of your own skills and gifts; journey into another realm. Lesson plans change weekly and medium-ship is always practiced! PREREQUISITE: We request you attend our beginner course on Monday's before attending this class. 2 Psychic Development for Beginners classes BEFORE being eligible to attend this class.
Stoping diabetes-related frustration can be very challenging and annoying. It can become so overwhelming that it causes emotional distress; triggering unnecessary arguments, snappiness towards others, problems at work or home. During this class, we are going to look at the ways frustration impacts our lives as well as methods to reduce that impact. Diabetes-related frustration goes way beyond testing for blood sugar. It's surprising how many hidden triggers there are, and we are going to learn how to identify these triggers that cause your frustration and resolve them. Understanding the underlying causes of your frustration and initiating methods to deal with stressful triggers, can help reduce stress caused by diabetes, along with other Self-Care Behaviors. There will be a short question and answer period. I look forward to helping you reduce your frustrations. See you there!
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Develop your skills and improve your connection in this 4-week intermediate class! No previous experience necessary. Basic knowledge of the clairs and grounding/shielding techniques are however encouraged. This 4-week Intermediate Course is perfect if you are already aware of your intuitive or psychic abilities, but need help with trust issues, receiving insights with more clarity, learning to decode symbols, or if you would like to deepen your relationship with your guides or loved ones. Do you doubt your capacity to connect with your intuition/Spirit or the messages you receive? Are there fears blocking you from accessing deeper intuitive guidance? Unleash your full potential and participate in weekly circles under my mentorship and gain confidence in your skills. Learn to interpret symbols, read for others, send and receive healing, and experience various techniques to improve your connection with Spirit. This class will help strengthen your relationship with your spirit guides by focusing on a different guide each week and connecting with them through meditations and exercises. With a focus on self-healing and detachment, all my classes offer empowering tools to help you embrace and unleash your natural psychic abilities. In 4 weeks, you will learn how to: Send healing to yourself and others Gain confidence in your intuitive abilities Release any and all fears you may have about connecting to Spirit Provide accurate readings for others Deepen your connection with the spirit realm (spirit guides, angels, loved ones, etc.) Recognize your different guides and nurture relationships with each one Understand symbols and metaphors received from Spirit Detach and stay in your heart centre Unlock your soul contract and life purpose Respect boundaries and ethical codes of conduct Keep your energy up Further develop and strengthen your clairs & so much more! "I highly recommend Mimi's class. She is a true teacher and professional. She helped us all and me with confidence and trying new things. Feeling safe to do so. It was fun, interesting and challenging too. She did a beautiful job with me and all of us. Already miracles have happened since I have taken the class with my readings and more. She is so kind and encouraging." Jan Drake Bakke, Las Vegas "I have taken the Beginners and the Intermediate courses with Mimi! Not only were they the perfect start and foundation for learning to connect with Spirit, they were also fun and I made few great friends for life! I thank you, Mimi Bonhomme, as I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a great start on their mediumship journey!" Dewey Aum, London, UK "I highly recommend this course. I took it and it was amazing how Mimi helps us bring out our gifts. She's an awesome instructor. I can't stress enough how awesome this course is." S Williams, Michigan In this four-week class for intermediates, I will help you deepen your connection to Spirit and provide you with various tools to keep your energy high and release energy blockages. The classes are built to allow students to practice with me and their fellow students in a fun and safe environment. The theory part of the class will be provided via online recordings each week, while the live portion of the class will be in the form of circles focused on hands-on exercises and readings. Students will have access to a private and exclusive Facebook group, which will not be listed or shown on your profile (if you don't have a FB account, no worries - you will never miss out on any important documents or information!). Every week, I will provide you with informative handouts and meet you on the class's private Facebook group to assist you with the week's course content and answer your questions. There is nothing for you to download: both the recorded theory class and the live webinars will be easily accessible online via YouTube and Learn it Live. All you need is a working computer with internet access. There will be exercises for you to work on each week, so this class will require some commitment on your end. All classes are recorded and can be accessed in your own time. The live circles will not be recorded. They are meant to provide an opportunity for students to practice the theory discussed in the recorded portions of the class. If you cannot make the live circles, you will be able to connect with other students to practice. All students will be provided with exercises to practice at home. This class is non-religious; anyone can join and learn psychic development regardless of their beliefs. The nature of this class is about taking responsibility for our energy and thoughts, and recognizing the Divine aspect in ourselves and in all things. Course content: Week one: Detachment / Self-Healing / Overcoming Blockages / Healer Guide Week two: Deepening our Connections with Loved Ones, Guides, Angels, etc. / Gatekeeper Guide Week three: Doing Readings for Ourselves / Receiving Symbols / Understanding our Life Purpose / Master Guide Week four: Doing Readings for Others & Sending Healing / Ethics and Boundaries / Keeping our Energy High / Joy Guide
Evita Ochel
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Start: May 26, 2016 at 07:00 pm EDT
Should grains be part of our diets, or should they be eliminated? Is it best to avoid gluten, or can it be a beneficial component? What is the best way to prepare grains and eat them? Join optimal health and nutrition expert, Evita Ochel, as she helps you make sense of the answers to these and other questions pertaining to grains. You will get an overview of the nutritional value of grains, and practical guidance on how to use them most optimally. Topics discussed will include wheat, gluten, whole grains, grain flours, an introduction to new grain varieties, soaked and sprouted grains, how to make sense of bread, and more! Bring your questions about grains and prepare to be empowered to know how to make the most of grains in your diet.
Understanding Your Energetic System is a three part series intended as an intensive study of the Chakras and the Outer Bodies as an Energetic System. Each class can be taken separately yet together will give you a deep understanding of the Chakras & Outer Bodies and how to help yourself, and others, bring balance to the entire Energetic System. Part I - Chakras and the Outer Bodies is an introduction to the Energetic System. We will cover the basics like What is a Chakra and Outer Body? How are the Chakras and Outer Bodies connected? and even “Which Chakra is Sleepy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?” You will also learn the when each of the Chakras and Outer Bodies develop which offers keys to what can trigger an issue of a Chakra. This introduction is perfect for anyone who is just learning about Energy or those looking for a good solid review. Bring all your Chakra questions! You will Learn: * What is Your Energetic System * The 7 Main Chakras with in the Physical Body * The food, elements, sounds, consciousness, etc associated with each Chakra * The first 3 Chakras above the Physical Body * The 7 Outer Bodies * At what age each of the Chakras and Outer Bodies kick in. Join me as we explore the Energetic System and work toward a healthier tomorrow!
Energy knows no boundaries... Join Beth Lynch for an evening of Meditation & Channeled Messages This is an evening for you to experience the love still between you and those in spirit and the very natural and blessed gift we all hold to communicate with them. This is an enlightening and inspiring evening of meditation and channeled messages. Loved ones in Spirit are always a part of the evening as well as spiritually guided wisdom for the group and individuals. $20.00 - Prepayment required - First 20 participants only - Each participant can submit one question - Beth will answer after the group messages. She will read your questions aloud, however no name of who the question came from will be given. After registering, send your question to: Testimonial: "Dear Beth, Thank you so much for last night's online circle. The answer to my question from the spirit world was one that I was afraid of hearing but needed to hear at the same time. Thank you so much. So nice to be home and experience the love and spirit connection."
Mental health professionals, like many in the modern Western culture, are increasingly drawn to diverse expressions of earth spirituality (e.g., indigenous paths, animism, shamanic healing). This raises important ethical and professional questions about when and how to incorporate these perspectives and healing methods into the therapeutic relationships with clients, many of whom may have no particular interest in earth wisdom. This four-part online course will introduce participants to the existing literature and research bridging modern psychology and psychotherapy with diverse forms of earth spirituality. From this foundation, we'll then explore how different foundational elements of earth-honoring paths can be professionally and ethically harmonized with the professional delivery of mental health services. Participants can expect to: -Get acquainted with existing bridges between psychotherapy and animist ways -Explore when and to what degree to incorporate earth-spirit views with clients -Learn basic ways to clinically work w/ ancestors and other-than-human guides -Identify professional and clinical risks in openly incorporating earth-spirit ways The use of shamanic healing methods among mental health professionals was the subject of my 2009 doctoral research in psychology, and I strongly believe that clinicians can work from a highly ethical position while still selectively incorporating less traditional perspectives and healing methods into their practice. The focus of the four 1:30 sessions (8-9:30pm Eastern) will be: -Animism, Earth Wisdom, & Psychotherapy (5/12) -Ancestors & Psychotherapy (5/19) -Other-than-Human Kin & Psychotherapy (5/26) -Personal Destiny, Soul-Level Calling & Psychotherapy (6/2) Each session will include plenty of time for Q&A, and anyone who works with others in a healing/mentorship/guidance capacity may find the material to be of benefit. Sessions will be recorded and available to participants who miss class. The course runs once a week from Thurs, May 12th - Thurs, June 2nd. Cost for the full series is $80. For more context on my approach to the work see:
Flower Essences are gentle yet powerful, an amazing addition to your self-empowerment tool kit! In this first session of a series I talk about what they are, and are not, and the history and philosophy behind them. In Part 2, coming soon, we will discuss how they work. Later sessions will include how to make them, and other types of essences (gem elixirs, energy essences).
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