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This course will cover: What are the concerns How do you present them to get the message across What do parents think Strategies for guiding the conversation Follow up and support
Kim Bayne
Health & Wellness
Start: Apr 28, 2018 at 09:00 am EDT
P.O.W.E.R Peace Of Wellbeing Empowering Reality First of all, thank you for joining this Support Group. Power is a word we use for many different reasons and to explain many different things. For this specific Group I want you to come away feeling empowered and I want you to understand that you have POWER over your life. I am a certified Life Coach and Master Reiki Practitioner.
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Beginning Tarot: Learning The Major Arcana 4 Saturdays from 1-6pm April 14, 21, 28, & May 12 $189 (save $20 by paying in full by 3/22, contact cindy for disc code) Learn how to read Tarot Cards, benefit from the wisdom of the Tarot, have fun and find community. In Cindy's classes, you become proficient by actually reading your own tarot spread right from the start, not by memorizing. You Will Learn: � The 22 Major Arcana � Three Tarot Spreads � Tarot Numerology Benefits of Cindy�s Teaching Style: Learn without Memorization Use Tarot Spreads to assimilate Learn the Symbolic Meanings Learn Practical Meanings of the Cards Read with just the 22 Major Arcana! This class is small and hands-on, allowing for individual attention. When learning the symbols in the cards, it alleviates the need for memorizing. You will learn to read more quickly, and at a deeper level, because I teach the spreads early on - so that you integrate the meanings immediately by reinforcing the knowledge with practice readings. Some tools you learn: Reading without using a spread, Numerology, Astrology, and Symbolism. Extensive written material accompanies this class, accumulating into your own Tarot guide. Classes will be video recorded and available on in case you are not in Virginia Beach or miss a class Preregistration is Required To Register: Contact Cindy 757-685-9962 (call or text)
Your only opportunity to study LIVE online with Dr. Linda Howe in 2018! Master your skills in reading the Records for yourself and others to match the deep desire in your heart to be of effective spiritual service. Two classes in one: Basic plus Advanced! Beginners and experienced in the Records are welcome. This class is perfect for international students because Linda's video presentation is done live, but the recording is available for students to view at their convenience. (Bonus sessions by Advanced Certified Teachers will not be recorded.) Times listed are in Central Time. 8 lessons from Dr. Howe and 10 optional but recommended sessions led by her Advanced Certified Teachers. (Times are Central Daylight Time.) Exchange Akashic Readings with assigned classmates if you take the class for Certification. If you choose to take the class for Certification, successfully complete class requirements (see below) to become a Certified Advanced Practitioner, and be well-prepared to start your own practice. For all who desire Soul-inspired wisdom and guidance, the adventure begins April 3. Be prepared to ignite energy healing, clear unwanted ancestral patterns, and make peace with past lives! Honor your natural inclination to succeed by learning to access the Akashic Records -- the living, vibrational archive of Souls. The Records (aka The Book of Life) have served humanity throughout our unfolding by being an extraordinary state through which we can receive Soul-level illumination at a manageable rate, and integrate it into our everyday human experience. Truly glimpses of Heaven on earth! In our era of dawning individual spiritual authority, this sacred resource is no longer reserved for saints, scholars, and mystics. Conscious, reliable access to the Records is now open to ALL, through Dr. Linda Howe's groundbreaking Pathway Prayer Process(c). This unique, exceptionally powerful Prayer enables you to access the heart, the seat of wisdom, of the Akasha. In the age of the internet, the Records can be cast as a cosmic search engine, optimizing the retrieval of exactly the information you need, presented in an atmosphere of infinite love where you come to truly know the perfection of us all at the soul level. The Records encompass what is, what was, and what could be. Explore the magnificent yet practical potential of this sacred resource. As your relationship with the Records deepens, you will learn how to unleash your latent powers, find freedom from outdated ideas, and awaken the ancient wisdom embedded in the very core of your being! Linda, a teacher since 1996, is the leading authority on using the Akashic Records for personal empowerment. This live class is based on her ground-breaking, COVR Award-winning book "How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey." She will introduce new students, and offer clarification for seasoned Practitioners, to the foundational principles and practices for empowering a connection with the Akasha. If you decide to take the class for Certification, you will be well-prepared to start your own practice. You will exchange Readings with assigned classmates, submit homework for review by your Student Advisor, view all 8 of Linda's sessions (live or recorded), and read or listen to her book "How to Read the Akashic Records." Students who do not take the class for Certification will not need to exchange Readings or fill out homework. The class meets Tuesdays, April 3 to June 5, from 7 to 9 pm Central Standard Time. The sessions will have plenty of time for YOUR questions. Plus, optional Akashic Adventurers homework Q&A reviews will be conducted on Saturdays from 1 to 2 pm CST, ending June 9, by Advanced Certified Teachers specially chosen by Linda to assist you in your journey. And there will be two optional Integration/Synthesis sessions, also taught by Advanced Certified Teachers, on May 1 and 8. Participate in meetings in real-time or watch the archives when it fits YOUR schedule. And, you will receive indefinite access to the videos for your ongoing support! Please note that PayPal offers a credit option that is very helpful for students.
Caryn Slack
Spirituality > Meditation
Start: Apr 29, 2018 at 10:00 am EDT
In this class we will discuss ways to incorporate meditation into your life. We will go over some tips, tricks, techniques and dispel some myths. Caryn will then guide you through a meditation using some of the techniques discussed. Once the meditation is done, for those who are interested, we will embark on an intuitive discussion talking about what the meditation experience could symbolize for you.
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Many people think of a bucket list as a list of to-dos before you become old, sick and dying. Thus, thinking about a bucket list can make you feel uncomfortable as you contemplate your mortality. But what if we shifted the perspective? What if we changed the conversation? Instead of thinking of a bucket list as a countdown to your last days. think of your bucket list as a road map to the most exciting, fulfilling life possible. We will ponder some thoughts on a bucket list, talk about your why or the purpose you choose certain things on your list, make the list, then learn how to get moving on checking the list off. Join me in this thought provoking and fun course and learn how the positive power of a bucket list can change your life. Grab your journal and I will meet you in the class room.
Dan Winter-: "The PRACTICE: Practical application and hygiene of spiritual physics to daily life. " Did you ever wonder why the metal in your belt buckle or pockets- seems to get abnormally warm- when you wear them. It is not just the mechanical heat they pick up from your body - it is ALSO the capacitive charge which is the blood of your aura- which is bleeding away into them! Did you ever wonder why- ancestor visions, druid phone calls, and military telepathy can only happen at (conjugate/ longitudinal embedded) Earth magnetic line crosses? Does this tell you something about the ONLY correct places to have birth/ bliss and death? Lets think about it. We get asked the question daily: what are the technologies to duck from electrosmog. What is it about the charge of a 'sacred altar' that really reduces electrosmog. Let's study the physics of GROUNDING (book: "Earthing")- to UNDERSTAND the school behavior revolution that happened in the one country where ALL THE CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS STOPPED WEARING SHOES! Why did 3 people standing in line- at the bio store with me in Santa Barbara- suddenly turn to ME to initiate a conversation just seconds after I removed my shoes to let my moist feet touch the wood floor! - What is the information theory physics behind grounding?? Why is it ultimately required BEFORE you can really teach or sustain COMPASSION? - Postscript here includes the spiritual physics of rainmaking - - how to restore water attraction to a parched land- by restoring the geometry of magnetic centripetal force - the real meaning of ground: implosive access to fractality- perfected charge distribution.
Join Beth for this sacred time with your inner temple and true Self. Receive healing energy attunements and engage in intuitive explorations. During this relaxed and nourishing time, a few participants will have the opportunity to receive a personal intuitive reading, and/ or energy medicine. Each session may vary a bit depending on the group.
2018 Series Angelic Wisdom Council New Moon Circle and Full Moon Circle These classes will be taught within the 3 day time of each New and Full Moon. Each class with have intention prayer, Sacred Sound, Angelic Messages from the Archangels Wisdom Council, Guided Meditation, Activations, and much more. Each class will specifically tune in to the energy frequencies associated with the current planetary energies as guided by your guides and Angels.
This class is for beginners and intermediate practitioners of meditation who struggle with any of the seven skills that make meditation successful. Today's class discusses and practices with live meditations the best setting and the idea of good grounding. It allows time for discussion, sharing, and questions. The following classes will cover: ~breathing ~ embodiment ~ presence ~ visualization ~ affirmations ~ stillness & non-attachment ~ setting / grounding ~ breathing ~ embodiment ~ presence ~ visualization ~ affirmations ~ stillness / non-attachment If you are somebody who knows that meditation could positively affect your mental, emotional, and physical well-being but have hesitated, procrastinated, or got frustrated, this class is for you!
Our demanding fast-paced lives can set us up for energetic imbalances that lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. We become healthy and balanced, and stay that way, and develop our natural intuitive and healing skills, by learning to develop and maintain strong intuitive energy boundaries. Our energy boundaries filter experiences, allowing us to explore our world and attract good experiences while also protecting us. In this webinar series you will learn what energy boundaries are, how they support us, how we get energetically unbalanced, and how to develop and maintain them to live your best life. It will include how to use your intuition to support your energy boundaries, practical tools and simple energy healing techniques to strengthen and maintain them. This series includes five webinars that include lecture, discussion, demonstration, exercises, individual and group practice. Plus each participant will get 1-on-1 mentoring with Robyn. We will also have a private Facebook page to share questions, tips, and exercises between webinars, which Robyn will moderate and participate in!
Join us for module 2 of our Wellness Class for our Home Herbalist Study Program. Module 2 focuses on techniques to maintain hydration as well as looking more closely at micro nutritional needs of the average individual. Module 1 is a pre-requisite to this class. It is also suggested that you have completed Human Physiology module 1 as well before taking this module. For more information on this program please visit our web page at and join the Learn It Live Information Sessions for this program.
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