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John Keslick
Education > Other
Start: Mar 28, 2020 at 06:00 pm EDT
This is an introduction to TREE BASICS You must buy the book from another source to participate in classes taking a closer look with many learning tools.
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Take time to calm your mind, reduce stress, reduce anxiety and release tension through a series of stretches that are available to anyone. The class structure is meditation, stretching, meditation, shavasana (relaxation pose). This class is appropriate for anyone.
Uplifting and loving, Soulful Sunday is a great place to gather and meet like-minded people. We spend time discussing different spiritual topics, or scripture from different religious texts. These topics bring us closer to the Divine and to our own divinity. Make time for yourself and come join us. Before we close, Rev. Tish will guide us through loving prayers and affirmations. This is a wonderful way to end the week and begin a new one. We look forward to seeing you! There is no cost for Soulful Sundays. For informational videos, pleases visit our YouTube channel:
In this time of phenomenal change and learning, we are being asked to 'step up to the plate', dig deep and contribute all our skills and learning to the collective! At the same time there is a phenomenal opportunity for us to transform our own shadow and alchemize our difficulties and struggles into gold. Rachel will teach you channeled techniques from Ascended Master Sarah, as well as channeling information live from Sarah during the class that will support us during this time. If you can't join the class live, the recording is available to everyone afterwards.This will be a 2 hour class and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. There is also an event 'Dreaming the world into being' coming up on and where we will work collectively for the world, and you can receive a 25% discount code for this class.
Today we are faced with unprecedented disruption in our professional and personal lives. We are watching seismic shifts in our culture and our economy. It is a time of confusion, frustration and fear. The good news is that the human species has endured and survived challenging times like these. The other good news (and bad news) is most of us have not lived through times like these. We have seen the responses ranging from denial and skepticism to panic hoarding of supplies. We can follow the crowd and react to all of the fear, uncertainty, frustration and confusion, or we can step back and evaluate how to respond from a place of compassion and mindful intention. Times like these can bring out the worst in people and they can also bring out the best. I choose the latter. Join me for this discussion on how to use this time to create peace within yourself, enhance your relationships, to use your time effectively to make constructive improvements in your life and the lives of others. We will be covering a wide range of topics over the coming weeks including self care tips, stress reduction strategies, focusing on what matters most, creating the quality relationships we desire, using our time well, goal setting, and much more!
Wendy Keslick
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Start: Mar 30, 2020 at 12:30 pm EDT
Chair Yoga Class. All are welcome.This class is designed for those with limited mobility. Please have a sturdy chair without arms in class. A folding chair can work it you will find it supportive and comfortable for the duration of class. Photo credit: Freepik
Hello! I am Samantha Cervino. Wellness Universe Ambassador, Energy Healer, Author and Mentor. I'd like to invite you to join me live for these wonderful Gratitude sessions in which I will lead you in a gratitude process that will change your life in wonderful ways. There are many great benefits to this practice and once you try it once, you will see for yourself. These are Free live weekly sessions. A safe place to meet and be grateful together. If you happen to be on your lunch break during this time thats ok! Join me anyways :) It is a great way to start your week! Watch the video to learn more :) Register now and I look forward to seen you there. In gratitude, Samantha
This is a 10-Class Series, meeting 2 times a week. All sessions will be recorded. If you cannot attend the live, virtual classes you will be able to view the recordings. Qigong, pronounced "Chee - Gong" is an ancient Chinese practice that heals the body from the inside out. It strengthens the lung capacity and reduces anxiety and pain. Tai Chi is a practice that began in China about 900 years after Qigong. The benefits of Tai Chi include increasing flexibility and balance.
Wendy Keslick
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Start: Mar 30, 2020 at 04:00 pm EDT
This is a flow class that is designed to prevent injuries to the shoulder from repetitive moves through chaturanga. It is a light flow class. We will be building heat and moving through the asanas.
Make an impact on the spirit world. The purpose of this series is to help lost and hurting souls, and to help shift or cleanse the energy of the site and event. Its added benefit is it can help you hone and develop your psychic senses, and the impact you can make on the spirit world. We'll listen to their stories, offer healing, and help those who haven't gone into the light - so long as they agree. Finally, we'll send healing to the site. As always, I'll guide everyone through the process of protection before we begin to connect. On this night, we'll reach out to the victims of HH Holmes. He was an American serial killer from the late 1890s. Though he confessed to 27 murders, he's thought to have killed 200. Cost is $20 per person, payable upon registration for class.
This is an invitation to come together as a virtual community to support one another and to support the healing of the planet. We will be setting intentions for the healing of the planet and its inhabitants and we will be doing a number of guided visualizations. Everyone Is Welcome.
Feeling like you're on an endless wheel of dating and not able to connect on a deeper level? Tired of suffering and sleepless nights thinking about another day, another moment in misery all by yourself? Feeling sad and lonely because you don't have someone there to comfort you? Do you feel like you're never going to connect with true love, because you have no luck and succeeding at having a successful relationship?
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