The Paranormal Nature of Reality - Part II

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Tue Dec 6 at 06:00 pm EST
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The Study of the Paranormal (i.e. - the spiritual inner nature of reality and our being) is a key to remember who we truly are. In this second class of this series offered by Joshua Shapiro we are going to be talking about the meat and potatoes of what happens in the inner dimensions which is interpenetrating into our physical reality. It has been said that nothing can exist in our physical world without it being inspired in the non-physical realities.

In our 1st class we offered before we went over key definitions and concepts linked to ...See All
The previous class, The Paranormal Nature of Reality - Part I was given before and if you are just starting to study these subjects it would be a good idea to go through that class first. However, if you are like me a person who has studied these type of subjects for many years, I recommend you just jump in :-)
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    Tue Dec 6 at 06:00 pm EST
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The Paranormal Nature of Reality - Part IIc
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Tue Dec 6 at 04:45 pm EST
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My name is Joshua Shapiro and along with my divine life partner Katrina Head and our 30+ personal crystal skulls we are known as the crystal skull explorers. We have been working together since 2009. I saw my first crystal skull in 1983 in San Jose, California where I received a message the crystal skulls are returning to help humanity create world peace and since this time this message has not changed. I have been fortunate to travel the world offering public talks, workshops and private sessions with the crystal skulls as well as we have published several books (printed and e-books) dealing with this subject. Also on our new website we have a free e-book and newsletter, a membership service (where you are able to read two new paranormal novels we are working on and meet special paranormal teachers we interview), and also read our on-line story, "The Disclosure Chronicles". We also are a guest host for the radio show Epic Voyagers which we have a special new guest into world mysteries, spirituality and the paranormal about once a month and we lead world peace meditations with the crystal skulls once a month. Both Katrina and Joshua use their spiritual gifts to guide which new projects to focus on, we are open to creating alliances with other individuals and groups and use these gifts to share insights in our private sessions.