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Advanced Psychic Development Class Two with Judi Lynch - Spirit Guide Connections & Crystal Energy

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Sat Sep 17 at 12:15 pm EST
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In this class we will discuss and practice energy integration with your spirit guide and how to use crystals to conduct and enhance the energy for validation, information, connection and healing. The chakra system, function of the crown chakra, third eye chakra and pineal gland and how to strengthen your abilities through practice/lifestyle. We will also discuss different types of crystals and energy streams along with a demo on receiving spirit guide messages through the vibrational energy frequencies. Meditation and “your questions answered” is also included. It is recommended that you have crystals available to participate in this class along ...See All
Psychic Development Class One with Judi Lynch is recommended but not required. There are three classes in this series for a certificate in Advanced Psychic Development. The third class is on Energy Healing with your guides and will be conducted in October 2016.
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    Sat Sep 17 at 12:15 pm EST
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Advanced Psychic Development Class Two with Judi Lynch - Spirit Guide Connections & Crystal Energy
75 Minute Session
Sat Sep 17 at 11:00 am EST
About Creator
Judi Lynch is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Healing Energy Channel, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Author. Since 2007, Judi has worked with countless clients in the United States and around the World. A featured guest and host on radio, she has presented workshops on psychic development and energy healing. She is also currently working with others individually to heighten their abilities through study of the spiritual consciousness, vibrational energy channeling, ascension awareness and meditation. Judi is the President of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to healing and ascension awareness. She is a featured columnist for OM Times Magazine since their beginning in 2009. Receiving names, life themes, colors, future options, health information, conversations and channeled messages from loved ones, she communicates directly with Spirit Guides to assist others in their personal connections for optimum healing. She also facilitates in-person and distant Healing Light Energy Meditation Sessions to help in healing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Spiritual empowerment and connection are the focus of her work. Her book "Friends with Lights" is currently a five star favorite on Amazon and tells the true story of a miraculous awakening and ability. A follow up book entitled Conscious Ascension is also now available online. Judi is currently developing a comprehensive spiritual/metaphysical program for the mind, body & soul.