Tools For An Awakening World Tool #2 Breaking Energy

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Thu Jun 30 at 09:15 pm EDT
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Tool #2 Breaking Energy

Your innate sensory system is already in place and functioning to provide you with information and guidance. Until now, there has been very little guidance to live in awareness of your innate abilities beyond the "Big 5 Senses."

The main considerations for Breaking Energy:

When you honor yourself you honor the whole
You know it because you feel it
Heart Center ... open ...
Use this tool before, during and after any encounter that seems overwhelming
Remember, you are not alone, you're just ...See All
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    Thu Jun 30 at 09:15 pm EDT
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Tools For An Awakening World Tool #2 Breaking Energy
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Thu Jun 30 at 08:00 pm EDT
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Kerri is an ascending master, fully committed to her personal, unique journey. Utilizing her own innate gifts and abilities, she integrates wisdom, guidance and communication from every realm of consciousness to assist and accelerate your own integration, starting right where you are. Her two published books offer a view into the formation of tools, awareness and the courage it has taken to walk through life without compromise. Kerri has blazed a new trail on the road to freedom from limitations and conditioning. On this trail, all species are welcome and integrate through frequencies of communication. The greatest gift she can give to you is her own purity of expression, sharing her own journey, to help you see that if she can do can you. "The greatest gift I can offer you is the fullest expression of my own uniqueness without judgment. That space, the absence of judgment, is the magic, catalytic healing space that the natural and etheric worlds are for us. I have no doubt we can be that for each other in this new paradigm of arising consciousness, in our bodies as humans." Read more at