DREAMING for SAP Rising USA! 2

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Tue Jun 7 at 03:15 pm EDT
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This class follows on from the The DREAMING of SAP Rising USA! on Tuesday 24th May. In the first class we explore how we all dream the world into being and how we dream intentionally as a group, accessing a larger collective dream. As this course has a strong Mystery School aspect we set a strong intention to dream together for two weeks, keeping a dream journal. During this second class we invite everyone to return to share their dreams: what is being brought to our attention? What themes and commonalities have appeared? We discuss how oneiric work (dream work) ...See All
If at all possible attend (or view the recording for) the first class on May24th and follow the instructions for the group. However, anyone with open heart, open mind and willingness to dream is welcome!
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�SAP RISING!� at Pendle Hill, outside Philadelphia, PA

With Imelda Almqvist assisted by Susan Rossi

31 January � 4 February, 2017
19 � 23 September 2017
6 � 10 February 2018
11 � 15 September 2018


The Sacred Art Practitioner Training is a four-module training taking us to the magical and mysterious place where art meets shamanism.

This course does not assume or require previous training in art or a high level of artistic skill and competence. It ...See All
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    Tue Jun 7 at 03:15 pm EDT
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DREAMING for SAP Rising USA! 2
75 Minute Session
Tue Jun 7 at 02:00 pm EDT
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Imelda Almqvist is a Dutch shamanic painter, practitioner and teacher based in London, UK. She has "walked between worlds" all of her life. Her calling is "making invisible worlds accessible to others" through art, shamanic work and ceremony. Imelda teaches courses in sacred art, shamanism and ancestral healing work internationally. "The difference between contemporary art and sacred art is that contemporary art tends to reflect a fragmented world with a focus on personal stories. Sacred art is made in honour of beings and powers greater than ourselves and it shows the heart of divine mystery that animates the cosmos and dreams our world into being." Since 2012 Imelda has pioneered a shamanic group program for children and teenagers called The Time Travellers. She is currently writing a book about this titled "Natural Born Shamans". She is also working on a picture book introducing shamanic healing work to young children and their families, called "The Dream Healer". Her youngest son Brendan published a book about shamanism when he was just 9 years old. The title is "The Love Hall, Brendan's Travel Guide to the best places in the Spirit World".
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