Self - Love (Getting back to your roots)

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Sun Apr 10 at 01:30 pm EDT
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In this session the topic of loving our self will be discussed. We will cover the questions;

"Why is it important to love myself?"

"What can I do to give myself the attention I seek elsewhere?"

"How do I find time to pay attention to me?"

We work vigorously for others, and we're always trying to find different ways to help friends,
family, co-workers,and bosses out which is equally important as loving yourself, but when you limit the time and attention
you give to ...See All
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    Sun Apr 10 at 01:30 pm EDT
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Self - Love (Getting back to your roots)
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Sun Apr 10 at 01:00 pm EDT
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I am a mother of three beautiful children, a devoted woman, a dreamer, Universal Reiki practitioner, healer, angel messenger, and I'm still a child. I began my spiritual journey at the age of 14 through writing poetry and have since been publishing, writing, mentoring, encouraging and helping as many beautiful souls I possibly can so that they too can inner stand the importance of their place and path on this earth. When I'm retreating, I'm usually sliding through the halls of our home, coloring with the kids, listening to music and dancing in the kitchen with the kids or outside in the midst of nature, enjoying the connection I share with Mother Earth. I have many nick names such as: Mother of the Earth, Haven, Lily, Betty, and Seriana. My two favorite are Mother of the Earth and Haven. I love affirmations and encourage others to say them out loud, daily. I AM is a powerful affirmation and brings you closer to the connection with the all - encompassing, universal wisdom.