Clear and expand your energy field to open up to life

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Thu Apr 14 at 08:00 pm EDT
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This class is about clearing one's energy field, most specifically the "Hollow" the tube that we connect and access energy from above and below. We will be learning how to expand the hollow into a full torus shape. I will share about what I see when I tune in to work with clients, whether that be as a therapist, a Psychic, or a Reiki Master. At times I see the tube pinched off at the top, or the bottom, or both, and what that shows up as: Depression, Anxiety, lack of grounding, loneliness, and blocked flow. We will do some ...See All
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    Thu Apr 14 at 08:00 pm EDT
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Clear your field and open up to life
30 Minute Session
Thu Apr 14 at 07:30 pm EDT
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"I strive to assist others in experiencing more Joy in living." I am an Archetypally trained Psychotherapist, Professional Intuitive, and Reiki Master. I enjoy sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have accumulated through out my life experiences and education. Please join me in learning more about: Meditation, Angelology, Wisdom Teachings, Spiritual Practices, Energy Healing, Ascended Masters, and increasing your natural Intuition in your life. "Healing comes from your shift in energy and focus." Tawn and
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