Past Lives and How they Affect Your Present and Future

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Mon Apr 11 at 11:00 pm EDT
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Do you have reoccuring situations with people that never seem to resolve? Do you have unexplainable fears or cause you from living your life to the fullest? Do you have health problems such as headaches and allergies that never go away? Are you drawn to a specific time period?

Come understand what past lives are and how tension point lifetimes can be affecting your present and future lifetimes.
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    Mon Apr 11 at 11:00 pm EDT
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Past Lives and How they Affect Your Present and Future
30 Minute Session
Mon Apr 11 at 10:30 pm EDT
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Since 2001, I am a spiritual, health and wellness coach and psychic medium. I am passionate about mind, body and spiritual health and wellness, striving to help clients transcend limiting fears, beliefs and perceptions of themselves and their lives that are hindering their growth and ability to manifest and grasp amazing opportunities and live a life of miracles and happiness while helping guide them about proper health and wellness. I am passionate to help each client live they life they intend to live, to find a calling and find time for their passions and avocations in life. I am a licensed massage therapist in AZ since 2005 and a licensed massage therapist in CA since 2012. I have an Associate Degree in Holistic Healthcare from The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Complementary and Alternative Healthcare from Ashford University. I am currently in Grand Canyon University's Master of Science in Professional Counseling program to become a licensed professional counselor that bridges the science of counseling with the viewpoint of holism. That the mind, body and spirit work together as a whole and cannot be separated from each other in healing.
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