Past Life Regression Group Guided Hypnosis Meditation

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Mon Feb 22 at 02:30 pm EDT
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Do you often experience Deja Vu' ? Have you ever met someone and feel like you have known them forever? Past Life Regression helps us settle things from the past that we may have brought with us into this life, helping us process the memories, relating them to our present lives and overcoming fears, phobias, pain and other types of emotions that no longer serve our highest good.

This helps the soul process the memories that may still linger within our souls and relate them to our present life. You are fully aware and in control of ...See All
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You are fully aware and in control of the process as I guide you through the regression. The goal is for you to gain experience, first hand, of your soul journeying and growing through time and experiencing healing in this lifetime.
You will need for this workshop:
A Light Blanket,
A quiet place where you will not be interrupted
A bottle of water
a pair of head phones for listening
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    Mon Feb 22 at 02:30 pm EDT
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Past Life Regression Group Guided Hypnosis Meditation
90 Minute Session
Mon Feb 22 at 01:00 pm EDT
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Lisa turned tragedy into triumph when she was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS in 2002-an incurable chronic pain disease of the nervous system which left her confined to a wheel chair for one year.. Her life was changed forever when she turned her struggles into strength. She found her spirituality, natural medicine and natural therapies to get out of the wheel chair and create a better life for herself. Now, Lisa's goal is to show others how to do the same thing with their lives being the "Living Proof" that regardless of how bad you feel your life is at this moment, there is a way to create the life you always wanted! Lisa is a Psychic Medium and Channels Divine healing messages from the Angels and Spirit.
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