Cleansing Your Energy Field

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Tue Oct 20 at 06:00 pm EDT
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Feeling a little drab? Feeling like you're carrying someone else's stuff? Maybe you're a caretaker or working in a caretaking career like nursing, massage, therapy, medicine, addictions, teaching, etc... Think about your own personal energy field. Are you in touch with it? Do you consider yourself an empath?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions and don't know how to cleanse your own energy field, join us! I'll teach you the basics on how to cleanse your energy field daily so you can feel more refreshed and take on less of others' "stuff."
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    Tue Oct 20 at 06:00 pm EDT
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Cleansing Your Energy Field
60 Minute Session
Tue Oct 20 at 05:00 pm EDT
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Heather Larson is a Reiki Master based in Wichita, Kansas and has been practicing Reiki since 2012. Heather started her business, 'You Deserve Reiki,' in Wichita in 2014. The name is about making time for self-care because she wants clients to believe they deserve to take time out for Reiki! (And all forms of self-care). Her careers have included freelance writing, journalism, radio, and working in the field of addictions. As a person in recovery, Heather enjoys working with clients on issues of addiction and codependency. She believes Reiki can help with depression, anxiety, grief, or any issue helped by relaxing the client. About giving a Reiki session, she says, "I won't promise you a miracle, but you will leave the Reiki table relaxed." Heather is a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom and often channels the Seraphim angel energies in her Reiki sessions. She teaches Usui Reiki and offers Reiki sessions at White Dove metaphysical bookstore and yoga studio in Wichita. All are welcome to Heather's sessions and classes; she's LGBTQ-friendly.
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