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Business Storytelling Telling Techniques

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Tue Mar 25 at 08:00 am EST
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Attend LIVE for a chance to win ECSEM® Mini Lightweight Bluetooth Earbuds!!
The class will consist of lecture and exercises designed to make students better public speakers by utilizing good storytelling techniques. Class content will include discussions on why humans have always been intrigued by stories, basic elements of a story, and useful storytelling techniques. The exercises will help students present a business presentation as a story by finding the 'plot' of any presentation, portraying the characters in a more intriguing manner, and using the elements of suspense and conflict in a way that is appropriate for a professional presentation.
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    Tue Mar 25 at 08:00 am EST
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Business Storytelling Telling Techniques
60 Minute Session
Tue Mar 25 at 07:00 am EST
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I am ecstatic to be helping clients become outstanding presenters. The experience I draw on and the coaching tools that I use primarily come from three different professional experiences: my first career as an actor, my work as a sales manager, and my experience as an MBA student and as a finance professional. Acting skills such as vocal projection, use of body language, and subtle emotional expression are all vital parts of effective presentations. During the later years of my acting career, I worked as a sales manager. Selling came naturally to me because of my interest in communication, and I taught dozens of employees to use presentation skills to be successful in their careers. In 2005, I attended the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University; after which, I worked in asset management. After business school, I came to better understand the values of a more traditional corporate environment, and I built my business by adapting acting knowledge in a way that was appropriate for a business environment. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and help you unleash your potential as an outstanding speaker.
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