Beat Stress and Boost Metabolism with Naturopathic Medicine

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Thu Oct 10 at 08:45 pm EDT
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Welcome to National Naturopathic Medicine Week taking place October 7-13. In honor of the week, I will be hosting a special class for existing patients and those interested in learning a bit more about one topic I address frequently with naturopathic principles: stress! We are all surrounded by it, how our body reacts can make a big difference in how we feel. By implementing simple lifestyle, food and behavioral changes, we can help our body adapt. The goal of this session is to:
- Learn about how your body responds to stress
- Describe strategies to modify ...See All
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    Thu Oct 10 at 08:45 pm EDT
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Beat Stress and Boost Metabolism with Naturopathic Medicine
45 Minute Session
Thu Oct 10 at 08:00 pm EDT
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I focus my practice on gastrointestinal health, hormonal imbalances and cardiovascular conditions. My philosophy is to get to the root cause of an ailment by asking the question, “why” is a symptom occurring in the body. The body is smart, and symptoms are a subtle (or not so subtle!) warning sign that something is wrong. By “finding the why” we can support the body’s natural healing ability using nutritional modification, botanical medicines, homeopathy, and lifestyle modification. My approach to naturopathic medicine is unique blend of modern medical science and natural therapeutics.
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