Cold Case Cracking - psychic forensic work

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Wed Mar 20 at 10:30 pm EDT
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Join Internationally renowned psychic medium, Barb Powell, as she unlocks the mysteries of solving cold cases.
This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of tuning into your own psychic abilities, as well as learning about the following:
- remote viewing (practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, extra-sensory perception.)
- psychometry (getting info from pictures or objects)
- psychic profiling
- following case leads
- feeling energy at the scene of the crime
- psychic forensics
- question & answer segment
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This workshop is for anyone interested in psychic detective work or looking to tap into their own abilities (we all have them). You will be amazed at the process and have tools to take home to use in your own life.
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    Wed Mar 20 at 10:30 pm EDT
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Cold Case Cracking - psychic forensic work
90 Minute Session
Wed Mar 20 at 09:00 pm EDT
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Psychic Medium Barb Mather (powell) is sought after on a daily basis for her intuitive skills. Renowned for her accuracy, honesty and readiness to tell it like it is, Barb has helped thousands of her clients map out the precise direction of their path to spiritual enlightenment. She has a natural ability to connect with Spirit, with a unique talent for bridging the unconscious world of the seen and unseen that lingers between physical and spiritual realities. Barb crisscrosses North America for readings, seminars and workshops. Her gift for connecting leaves the audience empowered and satisfied and organizers left wanting more. Barb is dedicated to reminding people that we have not been left alone, that we are loved, that there is purpose to our lives, and that there is a reason everyone of us is placed on this earth.
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