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Qigong is an age-old system of Eastern healing that promotes internal balance by manipulating energy fields within the body through the use of specific exercises that coordinate the body, breath and mind. The five element discipline is a sub-category of qigong which centers on the idea that human beings are inseparable from nature. In five element qigong, each body organ parallels one of what traditional Chinese medicine identifies as the five creative elements of nature: water, wood, earth, fire and metal. Certain qigong exercises are designed to tap into the strength of the individual elements, thus encouraging health in the ...See All
No previous experience in qigong is required to participate. This is a simple yet powerful qigong form and is sutiable done both sitting and standing.

If you have had issues with blood pressure in the past it is advised that you consult your physician before begining qigong practice.
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5 Element Qigong is a good foundational qigong practice and will help to develop a solid base for anyone that is looking to eventually move into more advanced levels of qigong or tai chi.
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Certified Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation instructor Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong sets 1,2,3 - Tai Chi Qigong Feng Shui Institute. Simplified 24 forms Tai Chi - Pacifica West Set 1,2,3 5 Element Qigong