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Mon Feb 4 at 01:15 pm EDT
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Business is all about relationships. Your job represents your relationship with yourself, others and the world. In Mind-Body Business Coaching we will discuss how meditation and visualization can advance your inner wealth and outer connection to sustainable relationships. You will be guided in this session to look at you relationship with self in order to create clarity around your relationship with business.

By establishing a daily practice of meditation and visualization you can clear away negativity in your mind and re-connect with the soul purpose and vision of your business. And you can renew your entrepreneurial ...See All
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    Mon Feb 4 at 01:15 pm EDT
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Mind-Body Business Coaching
45 Minute Session
Mon Feb 4 at 12:30 pm EDT
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Pam K. Denton is a life change expert and Intuitive/Psychic. Founder and creator of Fast Forward YOUR Life with Intuition, Play Big Coaching and Rise to the Top Training for Women, Pam is a dedicated writer, facilitator and speaker on the topics of female leadership, intuitive transformation and relationship change. She traverses all territory to include every topic that involves being human. Fast Forward Your Life....There is no RIGHT answer... is a powerful insight into human consciousness upgrades and life change. Pam's playful spin and real humor helps you understand that the answers are inside of you. Her delivery is straight to the point and infused with tough love. Fast Forward your Life Change provides a real humor, direct, open and honest review of people, our sabotaging behaviors, and our stubborn stuck attitude to change and the power of spirituality and intuition to promote a faster path to change. Pam highlights in her speaking, although leaning to the side of women, how both men and women can download and receive the answers to our own issues with a sense of empowered living (not entitled) and self deserving (not greed). Through her dynamic and powerful channel of intuition Pam delivers her story of how she navigated life change from a stubborn stuck teen to an amazing mother, wife and leader. Pam's stories of leadership development and intuitive downloads are both uplifting and motivational.