A Taste of Your Calm, Cool, and Creative Life

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A 90-minute "sampler" of the nine-week seminar that begins Sept 5th. You'll leave this session with plenty of good content to work with all on it's own, AND you'll get a taste of what the longer intensive webinar series will be like.

I believe self-care is a non-negotiable necessity. Your monthly massage? That daily walk in the park? Those 20 minutes of alone time while the kids do dishes? Theyíre just as vital as air, water, and coffee.

If you ever feel scream-into-your pillow overwhelmed, I can help. While I canít remove all the ...See All
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Leslie Irish Evans (speaker, author, self-care genius) helps overwhelmed people increase their productivity, improve their health and double their patience through super doable self-care techniques. She believes that self- care is just as necessary as air, water, and coffee and that if we’re willing to occasionally put ourselves first, we can transform everything in our life. “I can’t change how much stress you have in your life,” she says. “But I can help you change how you react to it.”
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