The Caregiver Casserole

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The refrigerator is full of odds n’ ends. You’re tired at the end of the day, but dinner must be made. Adding a little of this and some of that can create a hotdish, even if there’s no recipe. Just throw something together and it’ll be good enough for now. What works for making casseroles doesn’t work for giving care, however. Yet today, millions of women (and men) nationwide are becoming primary caregivers to aging parents, spouses or loved ones – and there’s no recipe. Kari Berit provides the ingredients you need to create a more joyful caregiving journey.
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Definitions of your new role, communication hiccups in caregiving, normal aging vs. aging with disease, guilt in giving care, connecting with loved ones in non-emotional ways, how to blend work and caregiving, getting the paperwork together and the importance of asking for help (and from whom?). Caregiver burnout is real. This class will arm you with the right ingredients to stay sane during your caregiving journey.
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The Caregiver Casserole
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Sun Feb 26 at 07:00 pm EST
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According to audience members, The Kari Berit Experience is humorous, thought provoking and kind. The audience can sense that she has one goal: To create meaningful dialog between generations with the goal of creating healthy boundaries. Currently the host of a weekly radio show on caregiving (, Berit and her partner Eric Ramlo launched Age in Motion om 1996 with the goal of reaching older adults as well as those caring for them. Berit has worked with several organizations to create adult friendly organizations. She works to train sales staffs, educate corporations about different generations, as well as create adult friendly programs. In 2007, Berit wrote her second book, The Unexpected Caregiver. She recognized that caregiving is a concern for 78 million Baby Boomers and the book gives simple, common sense tips and tools to help caregivers. She also works with Boomers at workshops to help them discuss emotional issues. Some of the issues she discusses include: Lifestyle issues Mobility challenges End of life preferences Long Term Care needs Berit looks at herself as a catalyst to create a comfort zone for Boomers and their parents. “I make it safe to talk about ‘elephant issues’ in a positive setting,” said Berit. “This enables families to have an open dialogue about issues that affect their lives and as a result we can make a difference in their lives.”
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