Physical Wellbeing ~ Quiet Your Mind

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Sun Apr 22 at 07:45 pm EDT
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Even though we yearn for more joy and peace in our lives, most of us fixate overmuch on chronic worries and upsetting thoughts that make us feel anxious, unsatisfied, depressed and moody. Recent research based on ancient meditative insights has revealed a new short-form approach to shifting our experience into a brighter, more creative and compassionate mood.

Working with several colleagues, Psychologist John Selby, author of "Quiet Your Mind," "Seven Masters, One Path," and "Wisdom, Wellness, & Redefining Work," has recently developed the WizeWell Process for quickly and enjoyably quieting the flow of negative thoughts through ...See All
Whether or not you've had previous meditation training, or know anything about cognitive psychology, you'll find these 'safe haven classes easy to understand and participate in. This series includes six weekly classes, each building on what you learn and experience in the previous classes.

If possible, try to attend all six live sessions - and if your schedule makes you miss one, you can catch up by going to the archives and watching that class any time you want. But of course, feel free to join us anytime - even if you haven't viewed the previous ...See All
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Each of John's 6 WizeWell weekly classes will focus on teaching you how to use four core Focus Phrases, covering the six universal life themes:

Week 1: Physical Wellbeing: "Enjoy This Moment"
Week 2: Emotional Wellbeing: "Integrate Your Feelings"
Week 3: Creative Wellbeing: "Unleash Your Insight Muse"

Week 4: Productive Wellbeing: "Fulfill Your Potential"
Week 5: Interactive Wellbeing: "Encourage Team Spirit"
Week 6: Integrative Wellbeing: "Nurture Wise Action"

Because each week builds on the previous weeks, if you join this course after the first class airs, we ...See All
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    Sun Apr 22 at 07:45 pm EDT
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Physical Wellbeing ~ Quiet Your Mind
45 Minute Session
Sun Apr 22 at 07:00 pm EDT
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After growing up on a cattle ranch in California, I went to Princeton for a complete change - and became engrossed in my life study of consciousness - what does it mean to be aware, and how can we manage our own minds to our best advantage? At 66, I'm still busy researching and teaching what I've found to be true about the best ways to run our inner focus of attention. Currently my work centers upon the place where people need the most help - at work. Working with Greg Voisen and WizeWell, I'm delivering a new approach to mind management via short guided Breather Breaks that employees are granted 3-4 times a day, in order to quickly shift out of stress mode into a more relaxed, ceative, productive and enjoyable quality of consciousness. After many years of traveling around the world to deliver corporate and community seminars in person, I'm very pleased that technology has finally reached the point where we can participate in these live interactive online seminars. This is a remarkable expansion of human communication, and I look forward to meeting you in this non-local community, and sharing our understandings of how to maximize our lives each new moment.
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