Chariots On Fire - Creating The Positive Advantage

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Wed Feb 29 at 07:00 pm EDT
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How would you like to live a happy and fulfilled life - in all aspects of your life?

If you have ever used the excuse you don't have the time, or the experience, you are too old, too young, not educated enough, not brave enough, too fat, too short, too broke, too unlucky, or you have too many restrictions such as your fitness, your debts, your mortgage, the bills, the boss, the wife, the kids, the elderly parents etc. to stop you from moving forward, this session is for you.

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    Wed Feb 29 at 07:00 pm EDT
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Chariots On Fire - Creating The Positive Advantage
60 Minute Session
Wed Feb 29 at 06:00 pm EDT
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I'm an experienced Leadership Consultant and Trainer, Speaker, Executive and Life Coach and author with 30+ years experience in developing leadership potential and empowerment, supporting people at individual or organizational level to develop confidence, leadership and people skills; empowering them to see themselves as the solution. I've also founded Recovering Workaholics. A serious ski accident in 1983, forced me to use a wheelchair. As the Head Teacher (Principle)of a large school I was unable to access most classrooms. I had to look at the bigger picture and develop innovative ways to motivate and engage staff so that they were self reliant, understood how to deliver excellence and take responsibility for their own performance. The approach was successful in maximizing both personal development and leadership potential. It's also why in the 20 years of leading the school, it was acknowledged as one of Ofsted's "Best Schools" twice and included on the HMI honours list as one of England's most successful schools and had a string of quality and kite marks. The approaches have proved just as successful in a wide range of business settings. Books include "Kick Start Your Career", "Manage Your Staff More Effectively" and "Chariots On Fire".