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How to Release Stress and Anxiety

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Providing overall life guidance about the internal roots of the stress and anxiety. Providing tools and techniques to use to ground your energy as well as being able to calm the anxiety and stress when they pop up.
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Atousa Raissyan is a Transformational Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, Certified Energy Healer & Award-Winning Contemporary Spiritual Digital Artist. She helps clients, which includes individuals and small business owners looking to live their best lives, either by exploring their natural talents, starting a new business or a career, or achieving their purpose in life and their personal goals. "Game changer”, “intuitive gifted healer”, “guiding light”, “life changing”, “magic” and “a blessing” are often how Atousa’s clients describe their experience with her. She is an intuitive heart-centered transformational spiritual teacher and healer with extensive experience in, and passion for, helping individuals to discover and tap into their “true self”, in order to unlock their potential to experience their desired life, in terms of abundance, relationship and personal well-being. Atousa, who herself is no stranger to experiencing life’s challenges, grew up experiencing a traumatic childhood and family life, including moving to a new country and living through extreme situations.As an adult, Atousa was involved in an abusive marriage which ended in divorce causing her to raise her son as a single mother and to experience financial hardships. Her life experience and her journey to fully loving and accepting herself and finding her passion in life has been her training ground in order to create the tools, techniques and teaching to help her clients on their journey. Her clients typically come to her with different issues such as, physical and/or emotional issues, relationship problems, past traumas, abuse, grief, anxiety and stress, unhappiness with current job, feeling stuck, procrastination, etc. Atousa's goal, wish and desire for her clients is for them to realize that they are whole and complete; that universe is with working with them, so that they can trust the process of life; for them to start using and trusting their own guiding system and not that of others and society; and finally for them to experience the love, joy and magic that this life has to offer. She is grateful for her clients for allowing her to be part of their journey and she loves empowering them. Atousa loves seeing the progress that her clients have made from their initial visit. Each of her clients have a special place in her heart and she feels blessed to be their guide, and to know someday they will be healing others on their path.
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