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Wed Mar 18 at 04:50 pm EDT
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I am here to help people grow, to regain their power, take back what belongs to them, and show them there is love that has been supporting them. I am here to teach others how your angels are real, and that God has never left your side. That your wishes, your prayers, and your thoughts have been heard, but if you are not listening or hearing them you may be too blocked, or maybe you have too much going on around you. I will teach you how to learn to connect, slow down, release, and receive.
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    Wed Mar 18 at 04:50 pm EDT
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Life Purpose
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Wed Mar 18 at 04:30 pm EDT
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Ever since I was born I have had a very strong connection towards the world beyond imagination "the other side, the angels, the past loved ones" I have always been able to see what others could not. I have been able to find things others have feared to look for. Right away growing up was a bit more challenging - harder to read harder to write. I always knew I was different so from a very young age, I began to test and push myself to see how far and strong my connection truly is. I have found throughout my travels and with the time that's past my abilities have skyrocketed and the messages I receive are so clear. I have come to the point where my abilities have no boundaries. And with my gift and abilities, I will help anyone out there who seeks guidance, answers or strengthen one's own gift.
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