Cosmic Check-in 2020 3

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Thu Mar 12 at 04:00 pm EDT
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Cosmic Check-in 2020
Cosmic Check-in 2020 is a weekly class to offer energetic support for sensitives. Everyone is sensitive whether they are conscious of this fact or not. Right now, we are living in a time of awakening our human consciousness to the fact that we are Light, we always have been and always will be. These weekly classes will be healing and supportive on all levels, through all dimensions, across time. They will contain current channeled information to help navigate during these intense energetic times.
Each class will contain these and more:
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    Thu Mar 12 at 04:00 pm EDT
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Cosmic Check-in 2020 3
60 Minute Session
Thu Mar 12 at 03:00 pm EDT
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I teach practical tools on how to open to a dialogue with your angels and spirit guides during my healing sessions and classes. I am here to offer energetic support to Earth Angels at this time. These classes I am offering here are for exactly that purpose. To bring in and connect with the Higher Dimensions and the Angelic Realm on those Higher Dimensions. I work for God and the Angels and all of my classes are channeled, spiritual, creative, and nurturing.