Introduction to Visionary work

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Tue Dec 18 at 03:40 pm EDT
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Introductory online class Visionary work

A clear and enlightening class introducing Visionary work.

In this class we traverse the unknown - the place where the Visionary hangs out and where transformation happens.

This workshop acts as one of the pre-requisites for the new Visionary online training Yr 1 commencing on LearnIt Live in February 2019.

It may also supplement the online training year 1 and on successful application, permit access to year 2.

There is a Visionary within us all. Essentially this is ...See All
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    Tue Dec 18 at 03:40 pm EDT
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Introduction to Visionary work
100 Minute Session
Tue Dec 18 at 02:00 pm EDT
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I am Carol Day and I lead the Creative Vision project. The Creative Vision project works to bring the skills and abilities of the Visionary back into life again. It works for all of us because it includes the skills and abilities of all members of the earth community and beyond. When we go deep into the realm of the Visionary we begin to see and understand that everything is communicating all of the time and that we have cut ourselves off from this great communicating system in the way that we live in the West today. Visionary training is a more contemporary word for what some call shamanic training. I have developed a programme and way of working which is a much looser and I feel more efficient entry into the vocation of the visionary. Scrupulous in ethics and teaching safe and powerful space holding as in previous trainings I have held, this training takes you to the core much more quickly and opens up stations for you to find your own guiding systems and individual practice without overlaying methodology or fitting you into a container. We excavate the practices in a place of surrender and a place of not knowing but build on the ways of divining and exploring that have been handed down to us and have been with us since the beginning of human activity on this planet. You can come to visionary training as an artist, a musician, a therapist, a counsellor, a politician, a writer, an actor or a community project worker as just some of the examples of ways of working with this practice. The Visionary training holds the vision to bring you and and your life's work alive. ​ We are living in a time when creative vision is so needed and a time that is so ready for it to come through all of us again. We can work together to create an impulse and a movement that can bring the place of the visionary back to its true, empowered and deeply effective place. ​
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