Hypnosis: Past Life Regression Q&A

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Thu Jul 19 at 11:30 am CST
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I have collected the most popular questions that I unavoidably get concerning past lives. So let's dive into it. You are free to ask further questions concerning this topic. No PL question is off limit.

Why are hypnotherapists reluctant to talk about past lives?
Do we have past lives? Is it possible?
Can a man be born as a woman?
What is it like to be regressed to a past life?
Can I do a past-life regression myself?
Do you remember your own past lives?
What if there is a memory ...See All
A very open mind and a great deal of curiosity.
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    Thu Jul 19 at 11:30 am CST
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Hypnosis: Past Life Regression Q&A
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The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners certifies me as a hypnotherapist. My instructor was Dr. John Butler, Gil Boyne's, the revolutionary master hypnotist's friend. Transforming hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis changed my life so profoundly and in so many positive ways that it set me free of my old, limiting self. It is, of course, still an ongoing process, as I expand my consciousness to always larger and broader parts of my inner self, but if anything was worth the effort, money and time to learn, then definitely THIS WAS IT! Being a hypnotist, I still practice self-hypnosis on a daily basis, at least two hours a day. It has become an invaluable source of inspiration, guidance, and learning, and over the past years, I developed several techniques to help my clients reach the same results or even more. I realized, and I experience it day by day, that our inner consciousness has all the power, wisdom and confidence we seem to lack in our daily life. That source is not that hard to reach, and it comes willingly to our rescue if we call it. That's why, after helping my clients to solve some emotional issues they didn't seem to be able to cope with on their own, I encourage them to learn self-hypnosis, learn the workings of the inner mind and become their masters. As a helper, I'm deeply moved and inspired every time I see a person get rid of his/her limiting energies and suddenly awaken to the freedom that comes to them as a gulp of fresh air. It's a beautiful feeling. I work so that they realize that they don't need me anymore because they can continue on their own. That is the reason why I created Free-new-you, and these courses: to guide people back to their INNER SOURCE. To help them free themselves.
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