T2S Radio Soul Food Series: "Word Sanctuary" - Meditation Enhanced Series *HEADPHONES REQU

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Fri Feb 2 at 08:25 am EDT
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T2S Radio offers our Listen & Relax Series & our *Meditation Enhanced Series. LISTEN & RELAX: You can relax on your drive to or from home as Keda reads inspiring stories. *MEDITATION ENHANCED: You can find a safe comfortable spot for a relaxing & restorative meditation session. T2S Radio has partnered with Yinnergy Meditation to create a meditative experience for you. We've enhanced some readings with Yinnergy Meditation - developed by Morgan O. Smith - which encourages Alpha Brainwaves (8 hz to 13 hz). See ...See All
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*Headphones Required. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening. When brainwave entrainment is used for 5 minutes or more, it allows:

§ Relief from Stress and Reduces Anxiety

§ Deep Relaxation of Body & Mind

§ Increased Focus & Concentration

§ Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Growth

§ Increased Creativity & Problem Solving Abilities

§ Improved Mood & Stability of Emotions

§ Improved Learning

§ Enhanced Immune System & Levels of Serotonin
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    Fri Feb 2 at 08:25 am EDT
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T2S Radio Soul Food Series: "Word Sanctuary" - Meditation Enhanced Series *HEADPHONES REQU
10 Minute Session
Fri Feb 2 at 08:15 am EDT
About Creator
Keda Edwards Pierre enjoys serving as a Personal Development Strategist whose experience spans close to 20 years. Her vibrant passion for holistic health is stoked by her observations of the growing need for life balance and long-term health strategies. Keda is no stranger to the hard work of developing effective strategies for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. A Survivor of sexual abuse herself, she was forced at a very young age to learn and employ effective strategies that brought genuine health & balance. Her ability to connect with others and share these techniques prompted Keda to train as a Holistic Health Practitioner and to create True2Soul Network - an integrated service committed to Trauma Recovery, Life Transition and Personal Transformation. Keda, along with a network of professionals, now works with businesses, organisations, and individuals to foster true empowerment, health, and success through integrated coaching and support, online learning, holistic health products. Keda's awareness and ability to recognize the need for effective holistic health strategies has been strongly influenced by her diverse and expansive experiences over the last two decades - as a police officer, community advocate, motivational speaker and personal consultant. Keda is certified as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, works as an Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner; and is trained as a facilitator and instructor. Working privately with clients as a consultant over the years, Keda has experienced and witnessed the real impact of energy healing in all areas of life: self-development, relationships, finances, career & physical, mental and emotional well-being. Reiki is an invaluable tool for self-healing and helping others. Lastly, and most significantly, Keda savours the role of "mother" sharing the privilege of parenting with her loving husband. She is blessed to be part of a loving closely-knit supportive family of mothers and siblings, a conscientious community-at-large, and a strong spiritual family. She is grateful for this vibrant and powerful support network - with whom all things are possible.