Become a Priestess of Sophia! The Sisterhood of Sophia Women's Empowerment Seminar

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Thu Jan 18 at 09:00 pm EDT
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Our 3rd teleseminar is about the 2nd Ray / the Yellow/Gold Ray of Divine Wisdom & The Divine Mind and some of its Goddesses: Sophia (Greece); Maat and Wadjet (Egypt); Mary Magdalene (Israel); Chokhmah (Jewish Kabbalah),

Plus...1) Q's & A's, 2) Exercises To Assist you to Connect with Your Own Divine (Inner) Wisdom 3) A Discussion About Discernment 4) Invocation to the 2nd Ray Goddesses and 5) a Guided Meditation to Connect with them.

Facilitated by Seven Ray Initiates Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and Melody Heart, longtime teachers of the Goddess Tradition.
BECOME A PRIESTESS OF SOPHIA: For those women who would like to become a Priestess of Sophia, we will offer that auspicious opportunity during our 9th seminar in late June 2018. As a Priestess you will be grounded in Her energies, as well as that of the Seven Rays and Their various Goddesses. You will then be a representative of Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, on Earth.

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Subsequent monthly sessions will be held during this series. We'll share information about Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, as well as information about each of the Rays, and those Goddesses associated with each one. Each session will also include an exercise to assist with grounding the attributes of the Ray and Goddesses being presented into your life, as well as a guided meditation and a question and answer period.- Investment for each session is $25.00.

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    Thu Jan 18 at 09:00 pm EDT
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Rescheduled! The Sisterhood of Sophia Women's Empowerment Seminar
60 Minute Session
Thu Jan 18 at 08:00 pm EDT
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The Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays is the earliest name for the Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood. It was formed many thousands of years ago to protect and spread the teachings related to the origin and goal of the universe and the secrets by which each person can evolve to their highest potential and know themselves as pure incarnations of the Infinite Spirit.
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