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Essential oils 101

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Sat Sep 2 at 05:00 am EST
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Do YOU want to learn how to heal YOURSELF?
Do YOU want to be FREE of aches and pains?
Do YOU want to live toxic free?

In this class you will get introduced to plant based medicine-Essential oils!
Discover how nature can help heal and support your body. These therapeutic grade essential oils assist support emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues.
Learn how to shed any baggage that may be weighing you down.
Enjoy the sensation of feeling connected, loved and supported.

In this class we will cover....
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  • Recorded :
    Sat Sep 2 at 05:00 am EST
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    2 Session(s)
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Essential oils 101
60 Minute Session
Sun Aug 27 at 04:00 am EST
Essential oils Intro
60 Minute Session
Sat Sep 2 at 04:00 am EST
About Creator
Kelly Sanders is a student of the earth. She is passionate about helping people connect to their inner truth, and creating balance within all aspects of their life. Her purpose is to teach others how to love unconditionally with acceptance and peace Kelly has spent twenty years following her food passion, working in a team who were voted No. 7 best restaurant in the world. She has spent the last ten years becoming certified as a psychosomatic therapist, reiki worker, money coach, coauthor in Sprout the life you love (to name a few) and is continuing her own spiritual journey to reach out and connect to people