Creativity & the Emotional Realm

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Sun Aug 20 at 12:00 pm EST
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Creativity is both stimulated by, and a source of sustenance to, our emotions. This class will explore the profound link between human emotion and creative inspiration & expression. We will explore how art, music, story and poetry writing can act as a mirror to the psyche, shining light on the shadowy places within, allowing for inner healing, greater self-understanding and a richer creative experience.
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    Sun Aug 20 at 12:00 pm EST
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Creativity & the Emotional Realm
60 Minute Session
Sun Aug 20 at 11:00 am EST
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I am an experienced teacher of English, specialising in creative writing. Having penned several collections of poems & short stories, I am very familiar with the creative process, particularly how to cultivate a fertile imagination. Self-expression of this kind is increasingly important in today's society, as it helps to maintain a balanced and secure sense of emotional & mental wellbeing amongst those who live in our highly-pressured system. My educational approach is based on encouraging students to believe in their innate potential and to facilitate a confident and refined writing style. In order to provide rich stimuli for inspiration, I vary my techniques to encompass a broad range of learning styles, through the use of pictures, discussion, sensory prompts, music and memory. I draw on the work of Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler with regards to plot shaping and character archetypes for stories; for poetry composition, I am inspired by the poetry handbooks of revered poets, Ted Hughes & Mary Oliver. The outcome is always fulfilling for me as a teacher, since the literary pieces created have depth, beauty and sincerity.