LadyBliss Week 13 LadyBliss

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Tue May 30 at 06:45 pm EDT
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Your feminine nature to ‘Be’ is full of infinite possibilities, no limits, only pure love and manifestation. This is a space of innocent heart and childlike mind, free from self, open to the creative Universe.

This is LadyBliss. Bliss is true contentment, joy, happiness, euphoria, nirvana. Yes, it is in your biology, yes it is in your healthy flowing sexual energy, Yes, it is in your higher brain and yet beyond all of that, it is in your LOVE.

Each of our previous 12 weeks has been building on this concept .. to ...See All
Full enrolment in the 13 week LadyBliss program.
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    Tue May 30 at 06:45 pm EDT
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LadyBliss Week 13 LadyBliss
60 Minute Session
Tue May 30 at 05:45 pm EDT
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I have embodied tantric light sound breath from the teachings of Kahuna Abraham and the ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi tradition since 1995. The White Whale and Dolphin Light Sound was transmitted to me in 2011. I have practiced as a wellness professional for 22 years, successfully coaching thousands of clients to live a prosperous, empowered life. I cherish human advancement into pleasure, sensuality and peace. I love to educate others on how to access their Brain-Bliss, their LadyBliss and their ManBliss and BE healthy, happy and free! I founded Brain-Bliss after recovering my own brain from a history of PTSD caused by 7 major head injuries combined with emotional sensitivity and trauma. After having close to 100 sound treatments from various neural professionals, my brain began to repair. When the song in my brain was more harmonious, I found myself swimming with ancient dolphins and songs of the whales in Hawaii. I swam in their musical sonar for close to 6 months and one day came out of the water in bliss and with an ability to see, hear and feel trauma in other people. Yet, with an added ability to make dolphin and whale sounds, directing light to clients in order to 'release' their trauma, thus, creating health and balance. Other things that I love ... spending time with family and friends, laughter, a healthy lifestyle, fitness, organic, delicious meals, fun adventures in nature, walking and playing with my dogs, dancing, swimming, performing, painting, writing poetry, being a light sound technician to optimize brain function, sensuality, beauty, elegance, pleasure, quality, luxury, time by the ocean, sunsets and sunrise, weekend getaways, the Hawaiian Islands and the aloha spirit, cycling, stand up paddle boarding, quality one on one time in relationships, hugging, beach walking, giving and receiving gifts, happiness, bliss and the pursuit of living my true, authentic self ....