Prophetic Dream Interpretation for Missions

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Sun Feb 26 at 05:15 pm EDT
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Have you had dreams that you'd like to understand? Do you need encouragement? "Interpreting Dreams for Missions" is an opportunity to bring your brief dreams and symbols and get a live dream analysis and prophetic word while supporting important missions work in Haiti. Come and find out what's being communicated to you while you're sleeping or what God wants you to know. Whether the dream is a message from yourself or God, you don't want to miss the message, your purpose could be at stake. Come and unlock the treasures of your heart. Please submit any dreams that you would ...See All
Please submit questions, dreams or symbols by Friday, February, 24th to be considered for a live interpretation and prophetic word.
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    Sun Feb 26 at 05:15 pm EDT
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Interpreting Dreams for Missions
60 Minute Session
Sun Feb 26 at 04:15 pm EDT
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Dr. Lisa Kohut is a Faith based psychologist and an intuitive and Holy Spirit led Dream Interpreter. She's also the author of "Dream Mysteries...the secrets to understanding your dreams to know your purpose" .." Dr. Lisa is a follower of Jesus' ways of love and inclusion and she's passionate about helping people find deeper meaning, purpose, peace and joy in life. She believes that life is a puzzle full of clues that we need to help one another connect and discover by learning to understand our dreams, hear and connect with our Creator's voice and discover how to connect with self and others in a meaningful, compassionate, and nonjudgmental way. Dr. Lisa truly believes that complete emotional healing is found in the keys above and wants to partner with you to make yourself and the world a better, more connected place one person and one step at a time. Dr. Kohut has intuitively been helping others to understand their dreams for the past 15 years individually and through teaching. Additionally, Dr. Kohut has been instrumental through her counseling practice, small groups and didactic teaching in teaching people how to connect or hear from God. Additionally, she teaches on principles to live by to get and keep joy during these challenging times. Dr. Kohut's life mission is to help people to escape the bondage of fear and all of its negative effects, help people to connect with God and others in a meaningful way, and last but not least, to help people to connect with their true identity. If you have an interest in any of these areas, you'll definitely want to tune in when Dr. Kohut is speaking.