Grounding: Building Blocks of Mediumship

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Sun Feb 5 at 10:00 am EDT
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Have you ever found yourself listening to someone talk, but find you aren't really hearing what they are saying? Or perhaps you have had a time when you have had difficulty concentrating on tasks such like budgeting or household chores? Or have you had times you, despite your efforts, find yourself bouncing from one task to another and not finishing anything? Or have you found yourself being aloof and spacey, not really caring about the world around you?

These are signs you are ungrounded. Each and every one of us experiences one or multiple of these at ...See All
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    Sun Feb 5 at 10:00 am EDT
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Grounding - Building Blocks of Mediumship
60 Minute Session
Sun Feb 5 at 09:00 am EDT
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Dawn Lynn is just like each and every one of you. She is a wife. She is a mother. In the summer you are likely to find her walking her pugs or stopping by the farmer's market for fresh produce. She's pragmatic. She's practical. She's the girl next door. But she is also a medium and talks to Spirit. She's spoken with Spirit since she was a child. As a fourth generation intuitive, Dawn Lynn has always been aware of the Spirit around her. Recognizing her ability, her family nurtured and supported her development. Grandpa Mootz, who was also a medium, often advised her to, Listen to the Spirits. They just want to be acknowledged and heard. After her grandfather passed, Dawn Lynn attempted to ignore the chattering Spirits. As a sensible teenager, she sought a rational understanding for her experiences. This led her to study psychology, sociology and neuroscience at Allegheny College and SUNY Empire State. As she delved into the physical and emotional nature of human behavior, she could not ignore the spiritual and energetic forces that affect us all. Ultimately she found herself back on a spiritual path and embraced the family gift. Embracing her gift was not easy. In an effort to manage her ability and practice mediumship on her terms, she became a student of the Northeast Holistic Academy for Psychic Development and Healing and the Meadows School of Reflexology. Additionally, she attended many classes with independent teachers, mediums and healers. In 2007, encouraged by her teachers, friends and family, Dawn Lynn reluctantly began reading and teaching professionally part-time. Juggling a full-time career in health care reform and her growing work in mediumship became challenging. In 2013 she knew she could no longer do both and left her corporate job in program and grant development to pursue mediumship full time. It's not the path she thought she'd be on, but she has never looked back. She loves communicating with Spirit and is passionate about normalizing mediumship by bringing it to you, through readings, speaking and teaching.
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