Bestselling Author of 16 books and Hall of Fame professional speaker with over 2,800 engagements worldwide.
I am the original author of Relationship Selling. That book along with The Acorn Principle have both become international bestsellers and been translated into multiple languages. I teach people to become better presenters, speakers and leaders through the practice of Self-Knowledge and Relationship Intelligence®.


My formal education was received at the University of Arkansas and focused on Marketing & Finance, but my professional education has come through the National Speakers Association, ASTD, and decades of original research into the field of Human Development. I have owned a psychological research firm and done immense personal research and practice to master this field.

Experience and Distinctions

Inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in 2012. Past president of the National Speakers Association, recipient of The Golden Gavel Award, The Cavett Award, CPAE and CSP. Jim is one of the most "decorated" speakers in the world. He became a full time speaker in 1977 and has spoken worldwide in recent years: Poland, China, Chile, Alaska, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Mexico all since 2009.

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Online Sales Training 12 classes   ($99) [+] Show More Info

For $99 a month you gain full access to the Cathcart eLearning Suite and all classes in it. You can binge-watch the videos and download everything but if you really want to learn it, take your time and watch a video or two each week. The added learning that comes from just 2 or 3 months on this site will produce far more in sales revenue to you. Here is the link to enroll: http://academy.social27.com/jimcathcartacademy/Home

Leadership Training Seminar (3 hours)   ($95) [+] Show More Info

Veteran speaker, author of 16 books, and national leader Jim Cathcart shows you how to think as a leader, how to inspire others to WANT to follow you, how to lead meetings, and how to help people grow. Based on his many years in national, international and local leadership roles. You will discover that leadership isn't nearly as complex as most believe. Be the kind of person whom others will want to follow. All leadership begins with Self leadership.

Presentation Skills Training (3 hours)   ($95) [+] Show More Info

Hall of Fame Professional Speaker and past president of the National Speakers Association Jim Cathcart shows you how to build confidence, clarity and impact in all of your presentations. Includes sales presentations, small group presentations as well as keynote speeches and webinar skills. Storytelling & use of A/V. Mr. Cathcart has delivered over 2,700 paid speeches worldwide and received the Golden Gavel Award, the Cavett Award and been inducted into the Legends of the Speaking Profession. He shows you specifically how to think about your audience, your message and yourself.

Sales Training Seminar 4 hours   ($125) [+] Show More Info

Based on the international bestseller Relationship Selling, Author Jim Cathcart teaches how to master all of the eight professional sales competencies. This course follows the sales cycle and concentrates on each step by emphasizing the skills or competencies needed in each. For example: Preparation is the first competency, followed by Targeting, then Connecting, Assessing, Solving, Confirming and Assuring Satisfaction. The final competency is Managing your sales and yourself. Learn from the original author of Relationship Selling, the Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Jim Cathcart.

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Cathcart Institute has launched an online learning academy called the "eLearning Suite" and the first course is now available for only $99 a month, full access. This webinar is to show you how to use the eLearning Suite to increase sales and sales confidence in your team. You get to speak directly with the author/creator Jim Cathcart about all 12 classes and the suite of learning materials.
Jim Cathcart
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Recorded: Jun 10, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT
When you speak in front of a group does your power increase or decrease? Learn from one of the world's most award winning professional speakers how you can be more confident, more persuasive and more effective in communicating with a group of any size. Speaking to five or five thousand; the techniques may vary but the principles are the same. Join us in this entertaining behind-the-scenes look at how you can speak like the pros do.