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I am Carol Day. I live in the foothills of the Ochil hills in Scotland, UK. It brings me immense joy to clarify my role with the Creative Vision project and bring it to you through Learn it Live.

We are all stories looking to be read, met and brought to life.
We are at such an amazing point in evolution. There is so much potential and reconnection that is possible now and so many diverse approaches to achieving this. The Creative Visionary project is a pluralistic practice working creatively ...See All


Carol Day BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, MSc

BA Hons Fine Art City of Cardiff University 1986 - 9
PGCE Education Birmingham City University 1991- 2
MFA Art 1998 Dundee University
Astro Shamanism, findhorn Foundation (2004 - 6),
Toltec Shamanism with Heather Ash Amara and Raven Smith (lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz) (2007)
Sandra Ingerman courses Stephen Mulhearn of Lendrick Lodge (2007 - 8),
Fire walking instruction with Peggy Dylan (fire walking instruction) (2008)
Non-violent communication courses and attended seminars with Marshall Rosenberg, Dominic Barten, Claralyn Nunnamaker and ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

In 2007 I co-developed the curriculum and model of education for the Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery for young children (Founded by Cathy Bache) and chaired the project through its first year. The nursery has won many awards for its innovation and success as a system for nature based education.

I set up the Centre for Creative Vision in June 2018 after leading the project as the little red drum since November 2009.

I am an artist and an educator with 26 years of teaching experience with both children and adults. I have developed ...See All

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CALLING is a vision quest with your life! This is the opening material for the online Calling element I am bringing to Learn It Live this Summer and Autumn. CALLING is a short visionary shamanic programme designed to connect you even more deeply with the calling you hold within and set you off on a month's visit quest with your life. By opening you to the nature world and the season of Autumn through to Winter, a movement towards the calling of the earth and everything in it is reached. The programme includes introductory material that focuses you on the unfolding journey, a programme of 4 week's tasks and welcomes individual feed back. There is a 90 minute class on 27 October followed by a 90 minute class on 24 November and one 70 minute individual session to be arranged 1:1. The course coaches you with nature and presence through to the heart of your individual calling and helps to understand, clear and transform blocks and difficulties. Carol Day is a trained counsellor, artist, constellation therapist, teacher and shamanic operator whose passion is supporting and freeing creative flow and listening to the essential nature of everyone and everything. She produces excellent results in enabling the emergence and path of those she works with.
As Visionary and Shamanic workers, we have deep connections with the nature realms. The classes take you into the worlds of major trees and set up healing pathways with their medicine. There is introductory literature and this can be accessed with the class. The course material for the trees begins after each class. A class is 90 minutes and guides you through the ethos and takes you through some of the material for the 5 creative elements called roots, trunk, branches, leaves and seeds. The course requires approximately 2 extra hours of dedicated time to follow the material and be with the tree (in body or spirit!) and to write. You will need to place an intention for the classes to set a course. The four trees of the Tree Shaman classes: Sycamore Elm Beech Sequoia It is exciting to work with a set of trees with everyone and to see the transformation and reconnection that can occur. The Tree Shaman is a therapeutic, story and shamanic guide to a healing journey. It has the power to ground and to bring focus and opening of pathways for all who take the individual tree material or the four. Each class and its material is $35.
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