Certified Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation instructor
Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong sets 1,2,3 - Tai Chi Qigong Feng Shui Institute.
Simplified 24 forms Tai Chi - Pacifica West

Set 1,2,3
5 Element Qigong


BA. CSUF Communications

Studied under master Instructors:

Vincent McCullough
Guanghua Huang
Paul Lam
Wing Cheung
Qi Zhang
Zhao Wei Dong

Experience and Distinctions


Orange Coast College
California State University Fullerton
Saddleback College

Awarded Instructors Certifications

18 Forms Qigong Shibashi Certified Instructor sets 1,2,3.
24, 85 forms Yang Tai Chi Chuan Certified Instructor
12, 30 forms Sun Tai Chi for Arthritis Certified Instructor
Tai Chi for
Awarded Certificate of Completion

42 Forms International Competition Routine
18 Buddha Hands Qigong
46 Forms Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

Founder Balance 24/7

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Sun Feb 7 2016 at 10:55 pm EDT
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Wednesday May 16, 2012
Expert Services Offered
Qigong - 18 Forms Shibshi Private Lesson   ($50) [+] Show More Info

Qigong 1 Hour instruction on18 Forms Shibashi Qigong. Good foundation for any standing or sitting qigong routine. Topics covered include: Feeling Qi, Proper breathing, Posture correction, Correct mindset, Body coordination, Extension and flexing, 3 Dan Tian's, Energy cultivation, Storing energy, Best practices, Precautions Ideal for student that is studying to pass online certification.

Mindful Meditation & Natural Breathing   ($50) [+] Show More Info

1 Hour lecture and meditation exercise class that covers the fundamentals of Mindful Meditation. This class will explore several of the foundational practices needed to create a lasting breath and awareness practice in your daily life.

Tai Chi for Strength and Balance.   ($50) [+] Show More Info

A comprehensive Tai Chi program designed to increase strength and balance. Improve posture, balance and mobility by becoming more mindful of your movements. Learn step by step, how to lay a strong foundation in proper body mechanics. This form is easy to learn and can be performed in less than 4 minutes once proficient. It is specifically designed to help improve muscles and body mechanics involved in the natural "Gait Cycle" involved in normal upright walking.

Tai Chi - 24 Forms   ($50) [+] Show More Info

1 Hour of instruction in 24 Forms Tai Chi using proven step by step teaching method. For the beginner all 24 forms can be taught as a sequence from start to finish. For students already familiar with the 24 forms routine, each individual form can be focused on seperately for deeper understanding similar to the traditional teaching method common in China. Training manual with detailed images of the movements provided with instruction.

Learning Intrest
About Ryan Lee
Group Classes (1)
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Step by step instruction in the 18 forms Shibashi Qigong set as taught by certified instructor Ryan Lee. The forms are taught in 2 one hour lessons with the first 9 forms being taught in the 1st hour and the remaining 9 forms in the 2nd hour. This online instruction can be used as a supplement study aid for passing the online instructors certification offered by Master Wing Cheung of the Tai Chi Qigong Feng Shui Institute.