Jayne Chilkes is a Soul Channel, Ordained Minister, Energy Healer Teacher and Author of Four Spiritual Books:- The Call of an Angel, Twelve Steps to Heaven, The New DNA and A Secret Path to Freedom. She has over thirty five years experience and presently shares new information and channellings from the Masters for a New Earth, Peace, Harmony, Love and Light with All.

Her articles are recently published in Sedona Journal Magazine.Channelled Blog and Excerpts from Books: http://thenewdnablog.
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Author of Four Spiritual Books:
The Call of an Angel
Twelve Steps to Heaven
The New DNA
A Secret Path to Freedom
"If you see an opportunity to sign up for one of Jayne's classes, take it!" - JO, NC 2016

"I have been involved in spiritual growth for 40 years. Jayne is one of the best teachers I have encountered. She comes from Pure Love and Compassion" - RJ, NY 2017

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For those already on a spiritual path and aware of the Shift, New Earth Energies and Ascension supporting you as you walk your unique path to more Joy and Fulfillment. The class will include: Prayer and Meditation Group Healing Zero Point Wand Quantum Biofeedback App Live Channelling by Dr. Kruger, Masters and Angels - Transmission for the New Earth "We are all One and One in this Global Awakening of Consciousness" “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” Nikola Tesla
This Class is for those of you who are already Spiritually Awakened. It includes: LIVE Soul Channeling from Dr Kruger and Masters Healing and Sounds from the Angels Transformational Channeled Activations from Unicorns, Mermaids and Dragons Ascension Codes Brand New Frequency Tools Information Chakras and Aura Healing with Quantum Biofeedback Group Sound Healing This is Class is Directly Inspired From The Masters, Walking in Love, Light and Wisdom
Learn about cutting edge technology that balances your energy field, mind, body and spirit. Jayne's main Focus is Balancing your Emotions in your Energy Field thus bringing Peace and Harmony in your Mind, Body and Spirit. Your emotions are energetic and can be defined as Energy in Motion. Also included will be an explanation and experiences with the Zero Point Wand technology. For further information go to https://qbiofeedback.wordpress.com Quantum Biofeedback Frequencies will be further demonstrated with: Aura Balancing and Aura Image* Chakras * Emotional * Colours* Meridians and Acupressure Points * Spinal Energy * Nogier Frequencies * Sacred Geometry * Solfeggio Tones * Spiritual Protection * Amino Acids * Body Systems * Chemical Sensitives * Electrical Sensitivities * Essential Oils * Food Sensitivities * Glands * Herbs * Hormones * Minerals * Organs * Vitamins * Bach Flower Essences * PLUS AFFIRMATIONS MUSIC AKASHIC RECORDS AND KARMA BALANCING GENETIC TIME LINE INNER CHILD and More!!! Further Information here: https://qbiofeedback.wordpress.com "...On completion of the session I felt so much more connected with my body with a great inner peace and to top it off my aura looked completely different, so beautiful and clear. A truly wonderful experience of which I am still enjoying the benefits daily. Thank you Jayne" FA, UK, August 2017
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