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Tara L. Robinson is an award-winning author (The Ultimate Risk, Hay House 2017), speaker, radio host, magazine publisher, and life coach. She was featured as a keynote speaker at TEDx Cincinnati with NFL's Hall of Fame Anthony Munoz and Bitcoin founder Paul Hickey. She also presented a keynote at Conscious-Con with other contemporary thought leaders such as Panache Desai, Matt Kahn, and Charles Holt. She is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Whole Living Journal, a magazine that helps others Live Happy and Live Healthy in body, mind and spirit. She hosts a weekly radio show, "Waves of a New Age" on WAIF ...See All

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Wisdom Sharing Circle   ($15) [+] Show More Info

When we share our wisdom with others, the wisdom of the collective increases exponentially. There is mighty untapped power in observation and sharing. Our thoughts organically rise to meet the vibration of the group. Discover your unvoiced wisdom within. Gather a group of friends or coworkers for this potent hour to grow and develop individually in personal expression, or to creatively brainstorm ideas for maximizing potential in your business or organization.

Life Coaching   ($100) [+] Show More Info

1 Hour Intensive Life Coaching. I'll help you identify and blast through the blocks that keep you from maximizing your potential. You won't believe what we can accomplish in only 1 hour! Together we will explore your most burning questions. From relationships to career to spiritual development, we'll focus on the area(s) you choose. I'll help you reconnect with your radiant essence. You'll leave this session feeling lighter, more empowered, and infused with a sense of clarity about what to do next.

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We are living in a time of great polarity. The energies are fierce and a line has been drawn. In the field of pure potentiality beyond duality exists a vortex ripe for revival. What aspect of yourself is ready to be revived? Where in your life are you not living fully? Each of us has a unique calling and purpose for being here. We all have a sacred role to play. Fear often holds us back from taking the necessary action to really step into who we came to be. It's no secret that fear is running rampant in our world right now. That only ups the ante. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to take the ultimate risk and answer the call within. Learn how to harness your anxiety and step into your power. Wielding the practical tools learned in this session, you will masterfully move beyond fear into a space of alignment where all the craziness suddenly makes sense and you remember how to connect deeply with your own essence, the essence of others, and the essence of what's really going on. Faith that is fierce enough to match the fear is required for this work. It's been said that beyond the ledge of which we leap is a net that will
There's a difference between false power (power over another) and true power (mastery of oneself). True power is sexy. True power is attractive. When we embody the wholeness of who we are, we become magnetic and begin to attract all we desire. We each possess unique qualities that comprise our personal power. Often, others can see these aspects of us clearer than we can see them in ourselves. Once identified, we can embrace and harness these qualities to instantly increase our sense of empowerment, which changes how we show up in the world and impacts our realization of success in all areas of our lives. When we see ourselves clearly, and are confident in who we are, we become masters of our universe. This session will unlock five keys to your empowerment. The 5 Keys are: 1) Know Thyself 2) Perceive Your Power 3) The Paradox of Everything 4) Be the Mystery 5) Surrender
Tara L. Robinson
Recorded: Oct 28, 2015 at 10:00 am EST
You are here for a reason. Each of us has a unique set of gifts, talents, and intelligences that no one else possesses. When we embrace our gifts and live from our passion, everyone wins. By excavating the past for clues, investigating the signs in the present, and becoming clear on what we desire for our future, a clear picture begins to form about the next step to living with purpose. In this class we will explore the concept of dharma, learn how we can find clues meant just for us buried in our past, learn how to identify and interpret the wisdom of our emotions (including how jealousy can help us), identify the many different ways we are intelligent, and learn how to bring our ideal future into the present. By the end of this hour, you will be equipped to begin living with passion and purpose.
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