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Areas of Expertise
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Coatesville, USA

I am a US Reg Army Veteran. Studied NEW TREE BIOLOGY for 1991 to 2005. Live in Philadelphia Area. Happy Married since 2003.


290 Professor Hours in front of Dr. Alex L. Shigo the Father of Modern Arboriculture
Tree Autopsy & Dissection Lab, two day lab with Dr. Alex L. Shigo in Portsmouth, NH

- Eight 3.5 day workshops on New Tree Biology with Dr Alex L Shigo at Appalachia State Univ.

- Twelve 2 day workshops in Portsmouth NH with Dr. Alex L Shigo on the following topics:

- Modern Arboriculture as the textbook & History of Arboriculture

- Tree Chemistry With Just A Little Fear & Chemistry You ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

I invented a staking device CAMGUARDS�® as an alternative to the injurious use of the wire in the


- Making phone calls, visiting college libraries, contacting USFS Libraries and contacting other researchers gathering technical reports, reading them, filing them and placing keywords in a database to better understand and care for trees and their associates. Thus being able to better communicate with the public on critical issues.

- Visited many Virgin Old Growth Forest to understand how the system is designed to function to see what things look like ...See All

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Tree Basics six grade level approved the class is for children and parents or guardians or family. If interested the classes go to approximately 16 sessions. Learn to connect with nature your questions will be respected and answered. And it's what everyone needs to know about trees. Questions to be familiar with or at under Q. Information on purchasing the book will be providing a class. I would prefer children with their parents learning together during this C0ViD 19. Not very many people even know where the tree is this is a problem has been a problem and it's time for forgiveness it's time to learn about trees correct information rather than the old textbooks and what is in the school today. Teachers deserve another chance.
Projects created by Dr. Alex L Shigo and here for fifth or five years old to 12 years old. Ideas an acceptable project based on an understanding of tree biology that children can do with their parents or guardians. Of course following COVID 19 precautions. Taught by John A. KESLICK, JR. You will receive a copy of the projects. 1/1 class if more detailed information is requested will have another class.
6th grade approved. Just ask someone who is supposed to understand trees to explain how bark forms. New information not taught in schools. Books in schools are incorrect unless in New Hampshire where book was placed in every school. Learn to connect with NATURE. The more correct information you have trees the more likely you will succeed in helping rather than hurting. Its time for forgiveness. Trees are most giving and forgiving living organisms on earth. Thank the trees not destroy and mutilate them. Trees do not lie and they keep good records if you know how to read them. Family welcome. A series of short classes going page by page through the book. Book can be found here: Please signup ASAP.