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Coatesville, USA

I am a US Reg Army Veteran. Studied NEW TREE BIOLOGY for 1991 to 2005. Live in Philadelphia Area. Happy Married since 2003.


290 Professor Hours in front of Dr. Alex L. Shigo the Father of Modern Arboriculture
Tree Autopsy & Dissection Lab, two day lab with Dr. Alex L. Shigo in Portsmouth, NH

- Eight 3.5 day workshops on New Tree Biology with Dr Alex L Shigo at Appalachia State Univ.

- Twelve 2 day workshops in Portsmouth NH with Dr. Alex L Shigo on the following topics:

- Modern Arboriculture as the textbook & History of Arboriculture

- Tree Chemistry With Just A Little Fear & Chemistry You ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

I invented a staking device CAMGUARDS�® as an alternative to the injurious use of the wire in the


- Making phone calls, visiting college libraries, contacting USFS Libraries and contacting other researchers gathering technical reports, reading them, filing them and placing keywords in a database to better understand and care for trees and their associates. Thus being able to better communicate with the public on critical issues.

- Visited many Virgin Old Growth Forest to understand how the system is designed to function to see what things look like ...See All

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TREE FUN a series of 42 slides. Sign up by August 19th. Created by Alex L. Shigo for working best with children ages five to twelve years old. Ideas and simple projects to help introduce young minds to trees. Dr. Alex L. Shigo was a former chief scientist in a pioneering expedition into tree decay with the US Forest Service. In the research a conclusion was reached whereas ALL the current text books were incorrect Or the trees were wrong for not doing what the text books stated they were. He went with the trees eventually rewriting all the books on trees. He is now known by many as the €œFATHER OF MODERN ARBORICULTURE€. TREE FUN is a 1 hour session. You will have the option to download a pdf file with all 42 slides at end of class.
John Keslick
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Ended: Aug 01, 2020 at 04:00 pm EDT
Discuss FORESTS Address Myths on FOREST. Respect Trees and Learn Humans Survival Change Future If time briefly Go Over Questions. Award Certificate
John Keslick
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Ended: Jul 25, 2020 at 04:00 pm EDT
Some pictures. Discuss Proper Pruning. Address Myths on Pruning. If Time TREE HAZARDS (high Risk of Hazards) Wildlife and Dinosaurs.