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Showing you the road to building the life of your dreams.
In this 60-minute class with Whole Life Coach and master yoga teacher, Alison Litchfield, you will learn the essential ways to use your yoga practice for healing from the root so you can step confidently forward into your day from a state of fulfillment, and joy. This class will be part lecture and part practice so bring your yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes to practice in. All levels are welcome!!!
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Carmen Ganne
Health & Wellness
Recorded: May 18, 2021 at 01:00 pm EDT
Understanding the absolute power and potency of the breath is hands down the greatest gift you can give yourself. How you breathe reflects how you live. Together we'll explore how your unique breath pattern reflects in your life patterns and how to empower yourself to create sustainable shifts in your inner and outer world.
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Suzanne is a certified Senior Anusara Teacher. Her teachings encourage students to dissolve barriers, to dance and to move through an intelligent practice in order to restore and evolve on all levels. Her classes are devotional, dynamic and diverse…bold, mighty and introspective, weaving progressive sequencing, anchored in ancient teachings, and woven to attune to modern duty. As a former certified Yoga Works ™ Instructor, Suzanne dove into the reverent and integral offerings from the Iyengar and Ashtanga lineages with her teachers while living in Los Angeles. Suzanne also bountifully studied Anusara Yoga with Founder John Friend and several exceptional Anusara instructors since 2005. Suzanne is Co-Founder & Co-Owner of One Yoga for the People in Vancouver and holds a doctorate within Educational and Counselling Psychology. Suzanne conducted postdoctoral studies at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) within the Neuropsychiatric Institute. Her focus was on mental health and addictions. Before exploring this population, Suzanne worked with adolescents and young children. Suzanne also facilitated sessions with various professional athletes. After her postdoctoral studies Suzanne began to focus attention into the dimensions of cancer patients and survivors (and Suzanne began working with cancer populations in 2007). Suzanne currently teaches 40 Hour, 200 Hour, 300 Hour Teacher Trainings as the founder of Bindu Yoga School. She conducts teacher mentorship programs, international retreats and workshops. She is a primary faculty member for Yoga Therapy International and One Yoga Teacher Trainings. Suzanne is also the founder of The SARA Foundation, a charity organization aimed at yoga for cancer prevention & management.
Carmen Ganne is an internationally trained breathwork and human connection specialist and brings over 15 years experience holding space for others to deeply transform and evolve. She holds a degree in social work and is a certified yoga teacher and advanced breathwork facilitator. As a conscious relationship expert, she works from a trauma-sensitive approach with a specialization in the science and spirit of connection. She guides revolutionary leaders to live fully embodied and move forward with empowered action for sustainable change. FB & IG @carmenganne | [email protected] | carmenganne.com Offer for a free breath translation: Curious what your breath is trying to tell you? How you breathe reflects how you live. Learn how your unique breath pattern impacts the quality of your lived experience. Walk away with simple tips to create sustainable shifts within your inner and outer worlds. Book here: https://calendly.com/carmenganne/breathtranslation
Alison Litchfield has been a practitioner in the wellness industry for over 30 years. Certified Rolfer, Master yoga teacher, and Wellness Educator, she loves supporting individuals on their journey of experiencing more health and vitality. What sets her apart is that she is truly interested in supporting people to trust themselves and their own intuition first. She is not interested in anyone thinking she knows what's best for them rather her passion is in empowering the individual to know and understand what's best for them. She works primarily with the body to help you to learn to trust your instincts and follow the wisdom within through somatic tracking and listening deeply. Using the principles of yoga, Rolfing and movement, lifestyle nutrition, and neuroscience she works with people to transform those states and feelings of disempowerment (fear, doubt, stress, anxiety…ect) into states and feelings of empowerment (joy, love, grounding, ease). My goal is always to guide my clients and students safely in their bodies and give them clear, calm, confident instruction so they feel safe and permission to be themselves. Here is the link to her website www.alisonlitchfield.com
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