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This class discusses the basics of channeling , and channeling do's and don'ts for getting in touch with spiritual guidance and healing energy. It includes exercises to try (I'll guide you through them), and an explanation of losing connection with your own spiritual guidance, and how to get it back, and grow into a more trusting relationship with your intuition. There will be discussion but we will also practice channeling and mediumship development techniques.
Using and understanding meditation and the power of sound as medicine, we will bring the body into the parasympathetic state, recapitulate on a cellular level, balance the nervous system, the hemispheres of the brain, so that we can heal and release old patterns, thereby raising your frequency rejuvenating your entire system. An overview of how Sound Healing works, using the Universal Law of Vibration, and the Principle of Resonance will be given, and you will gain knowledge of how to use the Bij Mantras (root tones) for each chakra. Through bringing awareness to your intention, focused breath and the use of these mantras, you can transform your life! We all have the power within us all to heal any parts of ourselves that are not in resonance with our highest good.
In this experiential session, I will... 1) introduce the yogic concept of 'sankalpa', or heart-centered intention, 2) guide participants through my signature 'Word Resonance' meditation to identify your sankalpa for the new year, 3) explain how to create powerful affirmations around your 'sankalpa' and work with it daily to achieve your dreams
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Odessa Avianna Perez is a certified Theta Healing Practitioner and Instructor, Energy Bodyworker, Massage Therapist, dancer, performer, director, and movement facilitator. She has over a 15 years experience using therapeutic-grade essential oils for greater health and wellbeing and is a distributor for Young Living and is a certified Raindrop Practitioner. She completed massage training at the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork in July 2013, and first received her Theta Healing certificate in 2011. Over the past 5 years, she has expanded her healing offerings through studies in Spiritual Communication, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Infinity Healing, and Psychic Development, all of which has further honed her intuitive, empathic, and counseling skills. Raised by a Polarity Therapist and Sufis, Odessa has been immersed in energy healing modalities, self-empowered health, and spirit-consciousness all her life. These early inspirations have shaped the way she approaches transformation and healing. She believes that our experiences can be our greatest teachers, and that when we empower ourselves to be active participants in our lives, the greatest transformations can take root. As a trained dancer and performer from the modern and contact improvisation lineages, Odessa has a keen sense of how our bodies are key participants in our experiences, memories, and lives as they unfold. Learning to trust our bodies, decipher the language they speak to us every day, and learn from the embodiment of our experiences can be an enlightening pathway to greater healing and transformation. Odessa has lead many embodiment and movement workshops, essential oils classes, and community healing circles at micro festivals, Burning Man, and other events. She is unendingly fascinated by the question of separateness and oneness, and excited by the possibilities that we are all creating in this world as we gain more consciousness. She views healing, quite simply, as the journey of self-empowerment and greater awareness.
Edward Francis Pio is a resident of Pacific Grove, California. He is the founder and Executive Director of the International Mind Body Institute. Mr. Pio has fifty-six years' experience teaching medical hypnosis, medical self-hypnosis, light, and deep meditation, the Theta Brain Wave Technique, and Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation to professionals, business organizations, and private groups. Over sixty thousand students have taken his webinars, live or home study courses worldwide -- including 760 men in Soledad Prison, located in Central California. Mr. Pio has lectured and taught extensively on cruise ships and to select groups in Canada, Mexico, China, and Russia.
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