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Hanu Yoga
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Mar 20, 2021 at 04:00 pm EDT
Let’s give some Reiki to our pets. Learn the animal heart and crown chakras and how to work these points on your pet. This may balance pet behavior issues, help sick or injured pets, and help to strengthen the bond between pet and owner. Danielle, a Reiki Master, will show the animal flow of energy and then we will apply and experience hands on with our pet. Also a Medium, Danielle, may receive messages from Spirit that she will share with the group.
Motherhood is sacred...and the hardest experiential path a woman walks. Nothing else offers the same in-your-face invitation into core wounds, fears, societal pressure, femininity, and self-love discovery. So many of my clients are women just like you--no longer recognizing your body, frustrated, full of secret shame and/or worry, and disconnected with yourself. I was too! This class offers you the best of what I learned (the hard way), how traditional medicine heals and what science has to say about modern motherhood. Sacred Femininity Being a mother is only one aspect of the sacred feminine. Explore the matrix of femininity to understand the complexity and potential. Reality-check Motherhood is amazing and hard as hell. Learn how to prioritize emotions and reprogram the guilt-trips. Let the rest go! Embody the "Good Enough Mother". Balance The most important medicine for the modern mom is balance. Explore how to create balance for yourself and family through holistic theory and lifestyle. Renew The female body is one of constant renewal. This rebirthing of ourselves is essential to engage with the full feminine experience. The Mind-Body skills of guided meditation, active imagination and body-talk will allow you to enhance your ability to renew daily and be the mother you desire to be. Enjoy a quiet morning without the kids and virtually commune with other women like you. Fill a plate with fresh breakfast and have a cup of nourishing tea. This is time for you to do the self-care needed to be the mom you want to be.
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I use my clinical skills and empathy to help you transform your chronic health issues through evidence-based botanical medicine, mind-body methodology, and lifestyle coaching. My own chronic health issues led me on a deep journey of healing through holistic medicine and reconnecting with nature-connection. My own success inspired a devotion to helping others with natural therapeutics. My experiences have opened a deep ongoing study of Mind-Body health and transforming trauma into triumph. I am proud to hold a doctorate in Classical Naturopathy. I am honored with the rare credential of Registered Clinical Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. Fall of 2017, I begin a new educational path into nursing whereby I will be able to practice integrative medicine and bring the power of holistic medicine to mainstream healthcare. Other education includes, B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, Certified Interactive Imagery Guide (Fall 2017), Energy Medicine, Lifestyle Coaching, Emotional Healing Technique (EFT) and hundreds of hours in continuing clinical education. I regularly teach both the public and health professionals. I have taught at acclaimed herbal conferences, offer professional mentorship and consulting for medical practices. I am excited about the program I am designing in psychobiology for clinical herbalists, launching in 2017. I am a mother to a wonderful special-need child who is my greatest teacher. I have a weakness for stray animals, chocolate, and books. I love adventure, full moons, wild-crafting (herbal medicine making), exploring, and seeking the Divine.
We will lovingly create unique and inspiring classes that integrate a variety of Yoga traditions. These will keep the flow of energy and health moving in your body and mind. We are passionate about bringing to you our knowledge of Yoga and wellness..
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